should i do a acid wrapped 5'8 rod on a calstar gf7460m?

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by abz400, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. abz400

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    i have a calstar gf7460 med that was cut down to a 5' anybody know should i do on how should i wrap it.
  2. Taz575

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    Yes! Acid wraps rule!

    For jigging with rods that flex down into the foregrip, I would put a large stripper guide just off the foregrip, like a LRSG 25(keeps the hand/foregrip from getting sliced), then use MNSG12 as a bumper guide, and MNSG 12's as running guides out to the tip. To place the bumper, I usually do it last and put a bend in the rod with the line coming from the reel and place the bumper guide where the line crosses the blank at 90 degrees to the side you are spiraling it to. Or you can put it between the stripper and the first 180 guide and rotate the guide to say 100 or 110 degrees instead of 90. The guide ONLY keeps the line from rubbing the blank, and doesn't need to take any of the load. If it does, thats OK, testing shows that it doesn't take enough of the load to rip the guide out of the wraps like some worry about.

    For trolling, I would use a slightly different spiral method, like the ones they use for full roller trolling rods. Stripper where you want it, offset to the left. First 180 guide, offset it to the left of the rod as well. The offset of the 2 guides would keep the line from rubbing on the blank, but you would have to play with it in terms of how much is offset and make sure to try the line coming from various places on the reel, including the full left and right hand side. Some people use a double stripper, one at 0 degrees, and another just past it as the offset so the line won't pile up as much on one side of the reel. If you look at the Neptune Spiral Roller guides from All American Roller Guides, pretty much follow that style of a spiral wrap, but you have a lot more leeway in their placement by using ringed guides. I would also use a heavier framed guide for these, like LRSG's all the way thru, or maybe the HNSG for the ones near the tip. Or you can use the AA spiral rollers. Some guys are even using Aftco roller guides for stripper and first 180 guide offset, and them other rollers for the running guides.