Should I be casting the mono topshot or braid?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by red34, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. red34

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    Do you guys fill your spinning gear with enough topshot to still have mono on the reel after casting or do you cast the braid? Is one way better than the other or just is it just personal preference? I have a Cabo 80 filled with 65# pp. I was planning to connect that to a 50 yard topshot of 50# leader mono and then a short section of 80# to the lure.

    This will be my first attempt at throwing lures to tuna so feel free to critique the set-up.
  2. Sea Crappie

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    You cast the braid. Topshot length varies from about 2 ft to 15 ft. In the longer lengths, the topshot will be wound around the spool 4-5 times, but after that, it's spectra.

    Spectra casts better than mono off a spinner.

  3. kidflex

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    if you use a glove, you can use a short top shot. dont have to worry about any mono on the spool. no knots going thru guides equals a little more distance which can be crucial at times.
  4. Jason4606

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    PR knot goes through guides like butter! ;) And it's EASY using the patented "Ichibahn cheapo homemade PR knot tying tool" - Ichitytool for short. ;)

    I typically use ~9' leaders for my <6' jigging rods. (I would imagine ~12-15' would be better for 7-8' jigging/popping rods.) I like having just enough to cast with the mono on my finger. Not an exact science - it could end up being up to 1-3 turns on spool. But NOT a ton...

    I think the really short leader idea has merit too at times. But in general... Being able to have mono on finer tip when casting, and being able to grab the mono to hand-line a small fish over the rail or lead a big fish to gaff is nice. (And longer leader lets you cut and re-tie without having to re-join to braid.)

    I'm no expert, just my $.02...

  5. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    If you promote Ichitytool... must have picture...
  6. Jason4606

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    OK... But with disclaimer. This my unlicensed copy, NOT the original Ichitytool. ;)
  7. Jason4606

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    Cheap fly tying bobbin (Mine was $2 at Academy - just make sure edges of rolled tip are smooth. For $2, they aren't all gems!) + empty thread spool (mine was full of bright yellow thread that I tossed when wife wasn't looking) + $0.50 pack of split shot lead + <$1 of epoxy = Ichitytool!

    :) :)
  8. Fishhead56

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    Looks like a good way to add weight to the spool. I had lead inside of
    spool center and it would bounce around when winding. From Fly tying
    tools, another tool I like is the Bobbin threader. I use it for threading bobbins,
    pulling tag end when tying some knots and some rod wraping.

    After several sessions of tying Page Ranking knot this summer the knot quality and tying time improved alot. I now have confindence in the ones I tye. Any new knot should be practiced before being put in service.

    Now back to origional question. Shorter top shot as mentioned would be prefered. But the braid needs to be tight and laid correctly on the reel to avoid wind knots, ie. bird nest coming off of the reel.

    Some boats still have NO Braid rules were it is only allowed for backing. Then
    casting mono would be required. But casting a hard mono like 50 lb Ande
    and or Florocarbon will cost a lot of distance.

    For 65 braid to 50 lb mono.
    If not ready to tye page ranking knot. Then Bimini in the braid with loop to loop to 50 lb Basil top shot would be a small Dia connection or for easier connection for that size line a uni to uni does no creat too large of knot.

    Altough uni to uni with say, 100 lb braid and 100 lb mono does not cast through rod eyes very smoothly..
  9. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    I just love redneck engineering. You can also add stick on wheel weights to the outside of the spool if you feel the need for more weight...