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Short report

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I am freakin tired!


Short report goes as follows guys...Yesterday morning 2 for 10 with some good fish, afternoon was 3 for 5 on 40's, this morning 3 for 3 on 40 lbers, afternoon was 2 for 4 on 25 to 40's. I get tomorrow morning off and fish the afternoon. I will do pics tomorrow as I am drinking a modello and hitting the sack. Gotta love the scuffed up right hand...
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I'll try pics again


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pretty cool- where at?
Great pics!! I still need to add a tarpon to my fish caught list.
Puerto Rico, come on down, there are literally thousands. I have 3 kids this afternoon, so I am taking them to a 30lber honeyhole. I'll let you know how it goes.
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