Shimano wild romance 300 g review

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by Mohamed Mamdouh, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Mohamed Mamdouh

    Mohamed Mamdouh New Member

    I am planning to buy shimano wild romance jigging rod to fish in red sea for yellow fin tuna avarage weight is 50 kg with stella 10000 sw
    So any one have used these rod before can advise ??
  2. Kim

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    I haven't heard of this rod but it made me curious enough to Google it. I found a video of it and it looks like the rod bends well under load.

    One thing you may notice in the video, when the tuna is gaffed and boated, look at how the leader has twisted itself up at 1:07 in the video clip. Watching the video you notice that he was trying to reel in while the fish was pulling line out on drag which causes line twist. I try to avoid doing that and I use a BB terminal swivel. Might not be keeping it simple but then the line twist like that could turn out bad and it is a PITA to straighten out later.
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  3. slowpicth

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    what you're seeing is the leader twisting over the jig . Next drop will come undone
  4. Mohamed Mamdouh

    Mohamed Mamdouh New Member

    Sorry for mu very late reply
    I have bought the rod and i very happy with the extra lifting power and back bone on this rod
    Only one thing that i can not put more than 8 kg of drag on it because i feel pain on my back over that
    Kindly see follow the linke below you will see a video me fishing with it during a strike of a 30 kg king mackrel on long 250 jig
    Kindly send me your feed back
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  5. DenisB

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    Interesting comments by K & SP above.
    The line twist observed is the result of a little over-exuberance in the angler's pump & wind technique where the drag setting is less than the reel's cranking power. The object of the pump & wind is to recover onto the reel the amount of line raised in the pumping lift & drop . In the vid the winding crank is extending beyond the amount of line delivered at lowered tension in the dropping rod stroke, as line tension rapidly increases at the bottom of the stroke the cranking is able to exceed drag friction & the spool spins creating line twist. this situation does not occur where drag settings are greater than cranking power..............the angler simply cannot continue cranking.
    line twist on spinners concentrates to the leader end of the line during every retrieve, especially where bail rollers have "twistbuster" type design.
    On the next drop the twist is able to spread back up the mainline behind the leader.............but it doesn't go just looks like it does..........its back where it was on the next only goes away if the jig/lure spins or a swivel spins........or the angler takes the lure off & detwists deliberately.
    This is an issue every angler has to deal with where the drag setting on a spinning reel is less than the cranking power of the reel handle ( think typical situations of finesse fishing etc)..........& needs to be aware of..................keep using an over-enthusiastic pump & wind technique , the twist will get worse & worse ( it won't go away) & as Kim says the line will eventually twist over the rod tip near the end of the fight & the next lunge from the fish can/will do one of several things:-
    - break the line & lose the fish
    - break the rod & lose the fish
    -if its heavy leader thats twisted over the tip........pull rod & reel out of the angler's hands & lose the lot.

    FWIW...............old thread.............but still things to think about
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