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    So im planning on buying a XXH Teramar and pairing it with a Saragosa 8000 for snook and tarpon fishing, I've read things on a few other threads saying that he guides eventually start rusting, others say it never happened to them. My question is how common is it for your guides to rust out? I clean my equipment after every trip but someone claimed that even cleaning their stuff every trip still resulted in the rusted guides... if it were to happen to me, is it possible to get the guides changed from a professional or what? (Just incase a year passes by and my warranty expires)
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    I wouldn't worry about the guides rusting. With reasonable care, the guides on a Teramar rod should last a very long time. Most folks settle on a rod care routine that works for them. Mine is (1) hose the rods down with fresh water when I get home, (2) let them dry a day or two, (3) spray the guides with WD-40 (or whatever rust preventative oil you prefer, but this isn't a real demanding job), (4) wipe off what oil you can with a paper towel. There will be residual oil in the areas where rust would be likely to start. This has been keeping my rods in good shape for many years.

    As for changing a guide or an entire set of guides on a rod, its not real difficult but its not something I'd plan on doing. The cost for a professional to replace an entire set of guides will have you considering a new rod instead.
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    Good to know, Thanks.