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I got my Sustain SA8000FD two years ago and I also got a Stradic ST8000 as a backup for medium/heavy jigging. The problem is I've had so much good success and much fun with the Stradic I have yet to try my Sustain, it's still sitting in the box brand new and waiting for some serious action.

The Stradic has taken a 70lb+ YFT and held its own on mobey size Groupers and AJs. So for you cheapos like me who refuse to pay the ridiculous kiss my a$$ kind of monies Shimano wants for their Stellas, check out the Stradic for dependability and value.

Eventually when the need arises, what a formidable backup reel I'll have in the Sustain. Good fishing all. Keep up the challenge...spinning...a way of life...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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