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I own a few Sustains. They are very nice. The next best thing to a Stella in the Shimano line. In fact, the only problem is the largest size is the 8000. I thing the only reason that Shimano doesn't make it in the 10K and 20K size is the fact that the Stella sells would be hurt. As far as I'm concerned, the Sustain is only surpassed by the Stella's and Saltiga's.

The Sustains are very smooth reels. The 8000 does get 24 pounds of drag out of the box. The line capacity of the 8000 is 12/325, 16/250, 20/185. (Mono). I have a 8000, but have yet to fish it. I have used the 5000 for inshore fishing many times. There isn't a kingfish in the ocean it can't handle. I think my 6000 has caught over a 100 kings without ever going in for new drags. In fact, I've never had it serviced. I prefer conventional reels, but some of my guest need a spinner. I always pack up the 6000 sustain if going inshore fishing. I trust it 100%.

I would rather have a Sustain any-day over those new Cabo's, and Fin Nors. The capacity might not be as large, but the quality is excellent. There is absolutely no reason not to use the 8000 for throwing poppers and jigging. I just wouldn't buy it if your main goal was to use it all night long at the floaters hunting for tuna. It probably would work, but I think using it over and over for 75-110 pound fish might shorten it's life.

As a jigging reel, it is excellent. The 8000 is 20 ounces and very strong. I would not hesitate to pull it out for any reason from the jetties to 60 miles offshore. It should last a very long time before service if you target fish 50 pounds and under.
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