Shimano Stella JDM 2008 Arm Roller Rust Problem

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    Well, I got this message this morning from Shimano Japan and just want to pass it along.

    Here is the message is Japanese (For anyone that can read):


    株式会社 シマノ釣具事業部






    Here is the message translated by Yahoo:

    Customer everyone 2009 October 19th corporation [shimano] fishing tackle division The [shimano] product the high distribution granting thank you always truly. This each time, we sell from 2008 April, '08 steles SW', we sell similarly from this year March, 'those where the rust occurs in the arm roller of 09 twin powers SW' were ascertained part having mixed. If there is no occurrence of the rust in the product where the customer is in the midst of using at present time, you continuing use, there is no hindrance, but at our company cause investigation and measure were advanced, this time, the new arm roller of the rust prevention efficiency which is superior than the current arm roller extremely was developed. Always, from doing the 釣 line where satisfaction goes in relief, we would like to receive in the customer whom love it has received the [shimano] product, to the latest new arm roller gratuitously exchange. When there is an unclear point. To the below-mentioned our company “the customer consultation window” communication.

    Here is what my Japanese friend translated to me (short version):

    Shimano Japan said that there are "some" 08 Stella and 09 Twinpower that the Arm roller could be rust, they (shimano) have developed a rust free roller so this problem can be solve, Any customer that has this problem please send the reel back but if you don't have this problem then you are ok.

    Anyways guys I just want to pass this along. :D :D

    Anyone thinks this translation might not be as accurate please feel free to add anything that I might have miss. Thank you.
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    Domo Arigato Topper-san!.. :D

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    Hello Han, Spineyman and Brian...hope all is well..

    Brian..did you get the care package yet? Let me know!
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    Not yet but I'm anxiously waiting to try these bad boys out!!!