Shimano Stella 8000FA

Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by ichibahn, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Thanks for the post, great help
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    Hi Ichiban,
    Thanks for all your work in regards to this thread! It was definitely a great read and very informative! I had a question though; Do you think the aluminum rotor from a Stella 8000FA would fit on a JDM Twinpower 8000HG?

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    Thank you TS Ichibahn for this wonderful post... I usually service the drag system of my spinners myself and I happen to encounter this difference and hope that you can enlighten me.

    I just took out the spool's drag system of my 8000FA and noticed that the parts are fitted into the spool in this sequence...8126 (drag clicker collar), 8200 (spool under washer), 8199 (eared washer B) and then 8198 (drag washer B).

    The pics on the first page shows this sequence...8126, 8200, 8198 and then 8199.

    Anyone? Thanks
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    No one is reading this thread anymore?
    I just dismantled the drags of my 02 JDM Sw6000hg, it has the same sequence as my 8000Fa.
    Further checks with both JDM and US model schematics shows that it is the correct sequence...

    1. Drag clicker collar
    2. Spool under washer
    3. Eared washer B
    4. Drag washer B

    Will the experts in this forum advise? Ichibahn's placement of Drag washer B before the Eared washer B makes more sense... Thank you
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    Seems like nobody is playing with this reel anymore? For the benefit of those who does, I have fished the reel according to the drag sequence above (as in schematics) without any issues... Smooth :)
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    Just got word from shimano that mine is on the way back from service. Cost was 30 bucks.