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Shimano Ratchet Damage

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I had a look at a new TLD 25 in a shop here and noticed that the plastic cog that the lever drag ratchet grips on had the tabs of the cog that had started to fold over. Is this normal on reels that have this system?

I'd like to buy a Tyrnos 30II and I understand it has a similar system so I'm a bit worried.


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skip, i'm not sure which part you're talking about. and is this a photo of a tld 25 or a tld 20 or 30 two speed? alan
Hi Alan,

It's one of your photo's. I posted it to show the part which I saw some damage on when looking at a brand new TLD 25. In the picture you can see a red arrow pointing to the splines which on the reel I was looking at had started to fold over. I believe the lever drag has two small metal pins which ratched on these splines to prevent the drag setting from moving due to boat vibration etc.

Therefore I was curious if you had seen this before (not shown in your pic they look new).

oh, those!!!! that happens all the time. it's no big deal. alan
Thanks Alan, though surprised at the same time that Shimano havent found a better way of doing it. I take it replacing that part is no big deal or does it not need replacing as the splines start to fold over?
all it does it make noise when you push the lever back and forth. otherwise, it serves not function.
Thanks for the reassurance alan, good to know :)
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