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Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by stresst, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I was wondering what it would take and if it would be possible to put OJ1500P gears into a trinidad. I assume it would be no problem, but would like to make sure.

    I always wanted a OJ1500 but for some reason never bought one, on the other hand I got stuck using a trini 12 for big blues and let me tell you. I dont know who's bright idea it was to stick those high gears in there, all I can say is I was exhausted after 12 fish! But I love the size and how well its casts, so if I can get lower gears for one it be great!

    What parts would I need? Thanks for reading this!
  2. gman

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    Angelo try Noreast in the shimano sponsored forum

  3. d-a

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    You will need the Pinion gear and the drive gear at a Minimum, and an overseas dealer to buy them from

  4. dafrogman

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    You would also need a whole new set of compatible drag washers to fit in the smaller main gear housing.

    The only direct swaps I know work in the bigger Trinis and Jiggers e.g. TN40/50-OJ5KP/4KP, TN30/20/16-OJ3KP.

    Try an online JDM tackle specialist like Plats. It might actually be more cost effective in the long run just to get an OJ1500P or 2000P and leave your TN12 for working small surface iron faster etc etc?....

    If you need the schematics for the smaller Jiggers, let me know.