Shimano ocea jigger 2000nhg

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    FF71F45B-3BF6-440C-AC6B-BBADD88750E8.jpeg CDA4568C-05C9-455F-B251-9E82793C17B9.jpeg 3FBE0ABE-8A19-4893-8F9A-DD04BA3FB787.jpeg 3302EACB-1639-4CFD-922E-5CF7D6F68596.jpeg EDFC886B-7C07-4186-9A7F-1E1B86EDE2AD.jpeg Shimano ocea jigger 2000nhg

    this was a backup reel I had it spooled with 30 yozuri 500 yards. but never needed to use it. Not a mark on entire reel, looks brand new.
    located in Florida
    $450 shipped
    PayPal available
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