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I need help with my decision as to which reels to buy! I've been looking to buy 2 conventional reels for deep jigging purposes (to approx. 400' depths) and some pitching to cobia and durado. Maybe some tuna chunking too if the reels are up to the challenge. My budget suggests something under $200.00 each but I would be willing to go above for the right reels. I've been looking to the Penn Senators, Shimano Toriums, Fin Nor star drags and the Avets (lx, sx, and mx models). Or would the Shimano TLD's be better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Saltist 50 (4.9:1 gear) with carbontex drag washers.
Penn Baja Special.

Both have enough line capacity and cranking power.
Baja Special is much better reel for jiggin than Senator. In a sense, Baja is an upgraded Senator.
Torium's weak anti-reverse prawl can give you problem if you use over 20 lbs drag.
Fin Nor star drag reels haven't been tested fully.
TLD and Avet single speed reels don't have enough cranking power.

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In that price range.
Jigging, pitching.
Baja Special Penn 113N

Chunking, Bottom fishing.
6\0 114. Penn (Black) with Accurate or Tiburon power handle.

Top water
950SS Penn spinner.

nothing too sexy just good and reliable equipment.

Two speed reels are great but twice your budget

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