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She's a Keeper

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Guys when I got home today my wife had gotten me a new Penn Senator 113HLW with 50# on it and a rod also the rod is a Sea Lion 20-50 class will this work for chuncking ?
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Read the link that I posted....

Two speed, lever drag reels are your friend when attempting to catch the larger fish.
Welcome to the board Jojo.

How long is the Sea lion 20-50 rod?
For chunking 20-50 are on the lite side, but it will work just fine for smaller units, JMO
any women buying you fishing gear is a keeper. Okay maybe not any, but i am sure she is!
A little lite, but will work until YOU decide that you need more. What you've is one of the better inexpensive all purpose rigs for the GOM. There have been a lot of fish caught on those Penns.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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