Shark Jumping

Discussion in 'Spearfishing' started by Capt. Al, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Capt. Al

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    One of my favorite things to do is swim with sharks. Here is some stuff I never licensed.

    Hope you enjoy

    Shark Attack - YouTube
  2. carlosburitica

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    that is cool like 5 different shark species in one dive.

    that mako is pregnant of what???? huge belly

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    That whale shark was awesome especially right at the end!
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    Totally a "In your face" shot with that whale shark!
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    Excellent video. Love the YFT coming in close for fish scraps.
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    wheres my jigging setup @3:00 !!! nice vid !
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    Here is a response I added over on 2cool and appreciate your nice comments guys. I love diving with sharks and turning them on with fish. In response to Carlos It sure looks pregnant but I speared a 170 tuna the day before for this trip and it ate the whole thing including tons of wahoo and smaller tuna. That shark can be seen on the show I did for Discovery Channel Shark Week titled "Diary of a Shark Man".

    Thanks guys. I literally have tons and tons of this stuff.Hundreds of hours. Just had nothing to do so I put a crappy edit together to share some sharky vids. Yeah the guy with two different fins on is one of my best pals and the best spearfisherman/cameraman on the planet.

    In that scene we were shooting for Jackass 2 the movie. He is from Florida so does not get to hit Bourbon Street ever unless he is visiting me or were doing a film for someone. He showed up to the dock looking like death mourned over. A sure sign he had a great night but left all his gear in the hotel room. We pieced stuff together for him. Notice his big belly. The guy is as thin as a rail but with no weight belt he stuffed his suit with fishing weights Capt. Kevin Beach had on the Pale Horse. It was funny as hell!

    That shoot led to the scene that I wrote and filmed of Steve O putting the hook through his face and getting reeled in by Pontius on the movie.
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    Awesome... I still think your nuts:cool:
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    Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more in the future.
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    I see : Tigershark - whaleshark - Hamerhead - Blue shark.
    What is the 5th shark.

    Beside a pretty cool video.

    Best regards,

  13. Rhino83

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    Awesome video ... I've never had a chance to swim with sharks but I really want to
  14. Rhino83

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    Awesome video ... I've never had a chance to swim with sharks but I really want to
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    nice job i went driving with sharks in the florida keys
    don't no why but they didn't seem threatening to me but there's no way i would hand feed them you gotta be nuts to do that great video
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    Plenty of Sharks right off the beach at Cape Ann. Just start spearing a bag of Flounder and they will come right up and try to rip it away from you. Had one grab my flipper on day.
    Usually just give them the Bag of fish hen they start tugging on it. Kinda cool if you tie it to something and watch them fight over it and you can then go grab Bugs out of the Rocks.
    Just follow behind Urchin Divers maybe 20-30 feet depending on the visibility and the sharks will be right there with you.

    Kinda' like the other Navy Guys ( I would never do this) tieing a fish to each end of a piece of fishing line and watching the Seagulls play tug of war.