Share a DSH 12 hour charter mid/late-July? Tuna

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by TOO, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. TOO

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    Hi folks, got a bug in the head here. Son One is really talking up this years 12 hour offshore trip when we are down in Port Aransas this July. He's thinking he's ready to slap around some blackfin and maybe a yellowfin since he's caught a 35+lb smoker king last year.;)
    My idea is to private charter the Pelican/Kingfisher/G.E. from DSH one one of the days between the dates at the top in July. We'll be in Port Aransas from July 16th through the 26th (as of now). It may be longer or a bit shorter.
    Thinking about chartering one of the boats during the week Tuesday-Thursday. We were fortunate, last year's open charter had 30+ on board, but they were good people that worked together overall. However it was too crowded for me. Son One was fine with it, not knowing any better.:D
    Ideal is to run and gun for Tuna behind the shrimpboats, and maybe top it off with some deep drops. Know it is hit or miss for tuna, but it's always fun to hunt them down. Son One really thinks he's ready for tuna hunting.
    The main thing is there will be line pulling going on of some type.
    Figure on limiting the number for comfort and still be affordable. Don't know what is available or when but if there is interest, I believe we can get DSH to work with us on getting a charter date during those dates.
    It would be equal sharing of costs for everyone based on the number that we settle on going.
    Not expecting it to be a tuna war, but odds are fair for getting into them in late July.
    Parent/child charter would be cool as I only do this trip every year in July for Son One, who is into offshore fishing. Will leave it to any interested parties to provide input on what they think will work as well.
    I've never found DSH to just take our money and not try to put folks on fish.
    As this would be a personal trip like Tuna I through Quatro Tuna, please email at [email protected] if you have an interest as well as posting here.
    Let me know if interested.
  2. TeamOso

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    I would be very interested at an awesome price like this, heck the dolphin express got into them yellows last september, pelican would be cool as Ive never been on it and seems to be the fastest, has it got the repower yet?
    How much would a 24hr with the same targets cost?

    Thanks for this, looking forward to this one as its just gonna be the shorter trips for me this year, gotta help the parents out with me and a truck.


  3. DeepBlueGulf

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    TOO, the Corpus bunch would have a big interest. DBG, Snagged and StXfisherman. Keep us informed, and I'm sure the others will chime in.

    Tom - DBG
  4. feeder

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    Sounds like it might be fun. Just let us know the dates and final cost.
  5. tass

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    I'm in plus son
  6. Rooster

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    I'm in, let us know the date and cost, I could probably get a few buddies to go also.
  7. TOO

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    Ok folks, here's the details.
    The Peican and the Kingfisher are available on just about ever weekyday the week of the July 16th-20th and July 23rd-27th of 2007. Meaning Monday- Thursday both weeks. I do not want to charter on a weekend. So this not a problem right now.
    As far as the boats, folks know Captain John on the Pelican is outstanding, and I have a very good fishing relationship with Captain Keith on the Kingfisher. (Captain Keith captained Tuna II through Quatro Tuna for us and always busted his rear to put us on fish)
    I'll make a decision on Wednesday on what day and boat and reserve a boat. It is a hard choice, Captain John has spots that none else does, and Captain Keith is motivated to do well on these charters, as well knowing the style of run and gun tuna hunting mentioned on the first post.
    Cost: The cost of a 12 hour is $1,900 for up to 10 people and $60 for each additional person.
    I'm leaning towards 15-20 people to make the cost more reasonable yet keep the numbers managable.
    Here is the cost at 15 and 20 on board:
    15 people total cost $2,200 or $146.67 per person
    20 people total cost $2,500 or $125 per person.

    As always, if someone wants two or more spots (father/mother and son/daughter) that increases the cost per family so bear that in mind if you are paying for one spot and want to keep it at 15 or so people. Lord knows i'll be spending a ton of money already besides this charter for the days down there.
    If intersted please post up and/or email/PM me your name, how many and if it family or separate folks.
    I'm leaning towards the 18th or 19th or 23rd or 24th, depending on when shrimping season opens. It looks like July 16th, so I'm leaning towards the 23rd or 24th. I will confirm the dates and then reserve the boat.
    Feel free to make commits or suggestions on this. I know Team Oso mentioned a 24, that will not happen with this charter, got too many other things to do while down there those days.

    One other thing, I need commitments to this charter, not interested only, and if interested, the desposit will have to be made on the date specified once we reserve the boat. If you reserve spots and have to pull out, I will try to find a repacement for you, but it will be your responsibilty to find a replacement. I'll be paying equal share for Son One and myself, just like everyone else.
    Right now here is the committed list without a date specified:

    DSH charter mid/late July tentative: July 23 or 24th, 2007

    Ok, lets see who wants to run and gun! Son one sure does!
  8. TeamOso

    TeamOso Senior Member

    Im in, just let me know how I can make a deposit, and how big of a deposit, rght now I have $50 to deposit, hopefully that will cover it or Ill have to make some more bucks and hope there is still room.
  9. SkeeterRonnie

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    let me talk to wife Number 1 and see how she feels. I would love to fish with DSH again! July 23 would be perfect... only 1 day off work, and Carol is off on that day anyways. We would drive down the sunday, get a room, and be ready to go.... Perfect situation for what I have been wanting to see with her. She will be on dramamine and knows the rules..No turning back.

    OK- just talked to her.. if its on the 23rd - we are in definately. Money ready to be sent.
  10. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    Keep it to 15 people and I'm sure you'll have the Corpus bunch.
    I'm in at 15.
  11. Drifter

    Drifter Senior Member

    I'm interested + 1 for July 23 or 24. Let me know when and where to send the deposit for two.

  12. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

  13. DeepBlueGulf

    DeepBlueGulf Senior Member

    I'm in at 15 people too. 23rd or 24th is fine with me. We should hear from STXFisherman by tomorrow, but hold a spot for him until then.

    Tom - DBG
  14. Bazztex

    Bazztex Senior Member

    I'm in for 3 spots..let me know when to send the deposit!

  15. DeepBlueGulf

    DeepBlueGulf Senior Member

    Put me down for Two spots, mine, as shown above, and StxFisherman's. Richard is probably out at the ranch dodging tornadoes right now and won't be reading the board tonight.

    This should be a great trip!! Hope we can get the Pelican, but I like all the DSH Boats.

    Tom - DBG
  16. tass

    tass Member

    I'm in for 2 spots. Have the cash so i'm ready. Prefer 15 rather then 20 and the 23rd rather then 24th. either way I'm in.
  17. shanker

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    Keep it to 15 people and I'm sure you'll have the Corpus bunch.
    I'm in at 15.

    If Jerry goes, Im goin, count me in at 15 also.
  18. awesum

    awesum Senior Member

    Willie, is this the trip you mentioned to me on the phone yesterday?

    I fish with John on 12 hour trips on the Pelican regularly and can say that I feel he is the most likely captain that will want to target tuna. In fact Jerry (snagged), Tom (DBG), Richard (STXfisherman) and Scott (Bellyup) went along on some of them and we filled the boat with blackfins.

    Only thing is. The dates are pretty close to the time the shrimpers head back out and it sometimes takes the tuna a couple of weeks to find them. Unless they head straight to deep water, that is.

    The ideal trip for John is 15.

    Looks like you have more than enough here to do it but if not I could take anywhere from 1 - 4 spots myself.

  19. TOO

    TOO Senior member

    Awesum, yes, this is the charter. Didn't know there woulde be this much interest so quick. Right now we are at 17. It looks like the demand is for 15 people on the Pelican. We can and will put you on stand by if you want.
    The 23rd has to be because of the dates we'll be down there in Port Aransas. That is about a week after the shrimp season opens, so there hoefully will be some deep shrimpers by then. It is a crap shoot for sure a week into the shrimp season.
    Here's what I did, booked the Pelican for July 23rd, a Monday and also the Pelican for October 14th, 20007, a Sunday for my buddies to do a tuna run and gun charter. I moved them to the October charter along with some other bums that I know that think they can handle tuna.
    The October Pelican charter will be for my buds, and if we need to fill spots on the October trip I'll take PM's asking to join the October charter, just in case.
    Right know we have about 15-17 saying they'll do the October charter but as is well known, folks don't always come through when time to pay. So right now here is the list for the July 23rd charter.

    3.Jerry S
    5.Tom S
    6.Kevin Green
    12.Charlie W
    13.Charlie W
    14.Charlie W

    I no longer fish offshore, and would not on this charter except to help out Son One he needed help, so the real number would be 16 fishing for the July charter. That Ok with folks for 16? One extra to include everyone that asked to join the trip, except unfortunately Awesum? PM's will be going out to discuss the option.
    We'll need $65 for eveyone going and the balance of $75 in early July so we'll be ready to rock and roll. Payment information will be in the PM's as well.
    We'll get the details fine tuned in a few days on who's going and etc.
  20. FWM0103

    FWM0103 Member

    Add my name to the list for two people on standby, should anyone not be able to make the trip, we'll be glad to fish on this trip.