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Settled for a daiwa slt 30

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Well I went against all better knowledge and got a daiwa slt 30 reel. I kept to the crowder rod but I havent spooled the reel yet. i may up it to 130# berkley spectra or ill just stay 80#. with the extra capacity on the slt I can get a longer toshot of hi test so im happy. What do you guys think? i know that the 30 size should suit me better on the makos and the yfts and the capacity will let me troll farther back for whites doardo sails and hoos. well any ideas on the spectra test and opinions on the reel are appreciated as always.
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i'm curious to know what the specs on your particular reel will be. on my "30" two speed i have upwards of 25#'s of drag at strike before losing freespool. can you let us know what you max drag settings are when you get is spooled up? thanks, alan.
i had mine loaded with 130 # spectra. the topshots would be anything from 40-80# mono, maybe even 100# mono if i was looking for abrasion resistance. it was a graphite shimano tld 30 two speed with an aftermarket wilfish aluminum frame. i actually just sold it. going to get a full set of accurate two speeds, starting from the 270 all the way up to the 50.

i think you made a good move getting a reel with an all aluminum frame.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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