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Sept 60 hr

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I signed up today for the 60 hr Dolphin trip on Sept 11. It is on the new moon and we should (could) catch some nice seas. There are six spots still open so somebody come go with me. Mr Bill if you go we can troll together on the quick sprint to BoomVang! Come on Snagged, Deepbluegulf, TJ, Bellyup, and the rest of you guys, the tuna will be ravenous! By the way, the headboats are doing drift fishing on their 8 hr trips and bringing back mostly bullet kingfish, sharpnose, and a small assortment of other things, nothing very notable. The 12 hr trips are bringing back the same plus snapper and beeliners. Lots of tourists going out! Where can I get some bite size frenzy flyers?
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A bunch of us will be on the Big E for the TBB-07 trip, I want to say it is around September 6-8th, but not exactly sure. It is a 52-hr trip.

I think you should come with us this time, this will be the next to last great trip on the Big E if the rumors of it's sale are true.

We'll have to meet up soon!

Tom - DeepBlueGulf
I thought it was early September too! But I don't read my e-mail as carefully as I should sometimes. If it has changed, I hope it gets posted up here so I'll know.

Etan, We may do breakfast Saturday, but we might be fishing too! BellyUp is supposed to be in town, and he wanted to go fishing! We will be trying to put a dinner together for sure, so I'll make sure you get included.

Tom - DeepBlueGulf
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