Seeker Hercules Inshore Heavy rod pix

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by Billy 40, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Billy 40

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    Wrapped this for Ironfish who plans to use it for Orient Blackfish & Striped Bass, as well as light Tuna jigging. He will also get it bent down south with some NC Grouper trips,and maybe a Tortuga's trip. Ralph did test adn review teh prototype INS 72H on a trip with CAptain Ken of the Swellrider back in early June, which is what prompted him to order this rod.

    EVA grips with attention to detail sanding, no big bump where the foregripmeets teh seat, and the back of teh grip is sanded for comfort holding the reel seat - Ralph has this same feature built into the other 2 rods I built him and loves it. Guides are Amtak Virtus Lite with a Fuji Titanium MNST tip top size 10-9 (which doesnt' exist in teh US, only in Japan, another XL Rods feature nobody else offers).

    WRap is abstract in & out, blankis Reddishbrown, guide wraps are Red & Burgandy with old trim. I left between teh guides open because I like doing things nobody else does as it sets me apart. Same shaded guide wrap repeated all teh way outto teh tip, and on the tip top itself.
  2. Billy 40

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    Many people assume all I build is fancy over the top rods which are super expensive. That is not the case at all, I do build a basic rod as well, but with teh same pride and attention to detail I put into my fancy over teh top rods.

    This one is for JohnnySI, EVA grips shaped the way I shape all my grips - with attention to detail and comfort in mind - not just slide the grip on and in 5 minutes I'm done. This is sanded down to 220 grit wet, once again no seam between teh butt cap, grip, seat, and foregrip - you pay a lot ofr a custom rod you should expect features like this.

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    That red and burgundy scheme is sweet!
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    Looking good mate but PIA to click each pic. Use the following code and the pics will magically appear where you insert the link

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    Saga, I hav eno idea why the pics don't pop up automatically, because that is exactly teh way the code is set up
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    Billy, spectacular thread work as usual. Truly unmatched by any other. Love that grip inlay as well.
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    Looks like hot link protection is on on sol, this is one reason photobucket account is unbeatable as it allows one to share heaps of pics on multiple forums
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    nice work ther billy
  9. ksong

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    Nice job, Billy.
    Did Ralph and you wrap together. :)