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We arrived at Rancho Leonero on Tuesday the 13th around noon, and settled in for 2 weeks of fishing and snorkeling. The wedding took its toll on us and we were looking forward to relaxing and getting some rest.
While we were down on the beach fishing the staff set up a romantic candle light dinner for the 2 of us on our patio that was absolutely wonderful. As they were bringing the salads, free roaming horses walked up and hung out which was very entertaining. Halfway through dinner a rain shower came thru to add to the mood, our first night at Rancho could not have turned out better.

The next morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise and to fish a little. The conditions were not looking good with sandy water and high winds. The ladyfish were cruising close in and we managed to land a few with the occasional needlefish mixed in.

Gia had a made a new friend that followed her up and down the beach waiting on a free meal.

The rest of the day was spent swimming, fishing and taking naps. After talking to Paco, the charter manager we decided to book a panga and head out in the morning and see how the inshore fishing was. At 7am we get to a spot a mile or 2 in front of the lodge and find the locals catching Humboldt squid. We quickly drop squid jigs and are rewarded with a mid size Humboldt.

After tugging on a few Humboldt's, we throw out the jigs and start trolling for dorado. The action was non-stop and we are able to locate them with the jigs and cast swim baits to them. The 140 tailwalk gunz in black was irresistible to the small dorado and we quickly have our limit.

That afternoon the wind picked up to 20/25, and were glad we came in early for lunch. Our good friends from California Geoff and his father George showed up, and we relaxed at the bar with some amazing guacamole and cold beer.

The next morning we went back out on a panga, and ran down past the light house looking for tuna.

A boat across from us managed to catch a small yellowfin, but as luck would have it we never hooked up. Before heading out jigs were dropped and a few triggers and others were caught.


After fishing for an hour or so the wind started to pick back up and were forced to head back in the growing seas. By the time we made it around the corner the swells were 6 and 8ft, and the 30 minute ride out turned into a wet 3 and a half hour ride back. Exhausted and beat to hell we showered and head to the bar for a much needed cold beer and guacamole.

With the wind picking up in the afternoons we decided to take the day off and just hang out and snorkel and get in some kayak fishing.


YouTube - Sea of Cortez - Rancho Leonero

YouTube - Sea of Cortez Sailfish #1

YouTube - Sea of Cortez Sailfish #2

YouTube - Sea of Cortez Sailfish #3

The weather forecast was looking great, and Stephen and Kim came in early with a nice 80 class yellowfin, so plans were made to head offshore in the am to find dolphin pods and hopefully find the big yellows. We left at first light and ran to Buena Vista for larger baits.



Our captain Oscar knew his stuff and was a true hunter, and I knew right a way that the day was going to be good. The first dolphins were around 10 to 15 miles out, but we found no tuna with them. We found 3 or 4 pods with no tuna but we did see several sails, so change of plans, lets catch sails. Oscar and his deck hand Artenio dropped the jigs back and had a live bait rigged and we were on our way. 15 minutes later Gia is hooked up to her first sail.


We trolled around all kinds of floating debris, and tossed handfuls of sardines at them with no life to be found.


After 20 minutes I get my sail,


and then Gia gets another sail,


Every 15 or 20 minutes a sail would come into or spread, and we were just tearing them up.








After the 3rd sail each we decided to film some of these fish. We ended up catching 11 sails and lost 3. By far the most epic sailfish bite I have ever seen.

Videos of the other fish will be posted up over the next day or 2.



With the weather getting bad we headed in around 1:30.






Hurricane Rick was moving in and we had no plans on riding this storm out, so we packed it up a week early and headed back home.

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Thanks for sharing. Excellent report! I am showing my wife this report because it makes it easier for me to go fishing when I show her husband/wife trips.
Intrested in more details about the trip. I am going to send you p.m. for info.

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Thanks guys, The Sea of Cortez is an amazing place,

Anyone know how to get a YouTube video to work on this forum ?

This usually works, not sure what the deal is ??

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WOW I ready to retire their.......
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