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Does anyone fish with sea magic dragon fly jigging rods?

Islanders has a good price on these

lookig for feedback.

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the newest dragonfly 400 spin i got was 6' and all fuji as opposed to the older alps fitted rods. i believe the older rods were 5'8 as well. to long for me. i like between 5' and 5'6. with the fuji guides and reel seat it a great price. havent changed the website yet. i would give chris a call.

i sold it to jason. did you use it on that last trip?
is that your car? i just saw a new camero a few days ago. very nice!
we have cruising the coast down here every year. its a very big deal locally. some real classic cars from around the us. ever been?
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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