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Does anyone fish with sea magic dragon fly jigging rods?

Islanders has a good price on these

lookig for feedback.

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Ty: I got the opportunity to jig with the Barefoot 4'10". FBCJR-400 Conventional: 4'10", 80#-200# braid, 300g-400g lure. with Freddy the other day paired with the mini avet sx 2 speed and although we didn't catch any monsters on it, it did handle 35" with no problems at all. I thought I would be against the short rods also, but they worked great. I was impressed. If you look at the pictures Freddy posted you can see the small barefoot in action. Good luck on your decision. I can say it is nice to see and feel if possible them in action before you buy.
Andrew: Have you been able to fish the sea majic rod yet?
400gram was a good rod for the money, but wasnt suitable to stop yellowfin on my last trip. i ended up handing the combo to the deckhand and told him I didnt care if he broke it or not in order to get the fish. i put it up and only pulled it back out to catch some blackfin tuna.

fish ran uncontrollably into the rig chains and line chaffed and POP. :) after this incident, I understood how viably important a rod was to controlling a fish.

How would that rod do in stopping grouper from holing you or mid range ajs from wrecking you?
I just got off the phone with Freddy and he said he can't make it tomorrow. He had it planned all week. What a bummer. I was looking forward to fishing with him again.
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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