Sea Bass trip of out Cape May: Highlighting our line of rods: Palmarius

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  1. HungryJack

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    Electrical Tape is available in about 8 different colors,
    usually $1 a roll.
    You can color code your rods tomorrow.
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  2. bigtexas

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    I have about 8 colors in my tool bag right now, but i’d rather not wrap my rods in electrical tape.

    Where the hell are you getting electrical tape for a buck a roll? I think i’m paying 3.25 a roll for super 33 at the supply house :(
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  3. Boston Tangler

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    6 Rods, rated 0 to 5
    So the 5 weight is a 300g to 600g in my series
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  4. HungryJack

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    Super 33 is the good stuff :)

    Not sure if you have them,
    but Harbor Freight had a 6 pack of tape,
    6 different colors, it was $5 or 6.
    Not as nice as 33, but does the job.

    Here is the black, 60 cents a roll in a 10 pack.

    A guy I used to fish with locally,
    would "build" his own rods,
    using wire ties and electrical tape to hold
    the guides on his rod, no thread or flexcoat.
    He caught lots of fish :)
  5. Boston Tangler

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    ### PSA ###

    Received a very nice call this afternoon from Dave, Owner of the Reel Seat, in Brielle. He was just back from a 2 day Offshore Sea Bass trip to Block Island, took the Palmarius 1 and 2 on the trip. Fished the "white rod" the #1 Power most of the trip, he really like the action, they where covered up in sharks from time to time, reported hauling them in no issue and even under "overload" the rods did not shake or twist. He mentioned that several times, was pretty impressed with the rod, the guides and the lack of twisting in the blank even though they are straight guides (not acid wrapped).


    Reel Seat has a few Palmarius Series I in stock if you wanted to see them in person
  6. HungryJack

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    Have you ever seen a piece of mail in Japan?
    It is different than in the US.
    Complete opposite actually.
    Zipcode/City on the first line,
    name is on the last line.
    Asian Mindset at work.

    Zero was invented around 200 BC in Mesopotamia,
    then developed independently by the Mayans around 300AD. It came about in India around the same time,
    and China too.
    Notice, all cultures of color, brown people.

    Zero did not reach Europe until about 1200 AD,
    about 1,000 years after it was invented.
    Culture of white people.

    Us white people are little behind :)
    We don't get this 0 thing like the people of color do.
    Plus as Americans, buying a 0, kind of against
    our genetic make up :)

    Why start with 0???




    PS> know how/why minivans and then SUV became
    so popular in the US? It was from deep psychological study done by this one company who then pitched the idea to the automakers, has to do with our "reptilian brain"
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  7. JiggaPleez

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    Of course we are still confused, these pictures of rods with tags are Shimano rods not Palmarius.

    But I'm even more confused now that he said how great the Grapplers are and how many Chaos is turning over in a month. And posting pictures of the Palmarius and Grapplers or a JDM version of a Grappler.

    They look the same in the photos, although obviously there must be some difference besides price and labeling.

    Dan now that you posted the photos and confused us, could you please explain just what is the difference and especially what makes the Palmarius a better choice.
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  8. a1flyfishr

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    Hi Dan in the pic there are 8 rods with the powers 0, 1, 2, 2+, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with the 6 power showing jig weights from 230g to 500g. Is there another series or a rod with suggested jig weight of 600g or did the lineup change from this pic?

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  9. r.sheker

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    color coding on rods is nothing new, it tells the rods power not the line, jig, reel to be use, search for maxel risky player slow pitch 2014
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  10. Boston Tangler

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    The basic advantages are

    1) The rods are a bit longer at 6'6" helps keep the line off the boat, helps avoid other anglers, etc. All our rods will be longer side, with the next series being 7'2"
    2) One piece rods, one continuous blank is strong than a 2 section rod
    3) The guide train is improved using larger KWAG and KTAG guides, all knots pass easily
    4) We do not need the Acid Wrapping to counter the shake or twisting of the blank as there is none. The blank itself resists twisting under load as its a dual matt construction at 45 degrees. Lefty or Righty can fish the rods without extra work.
    3) Our blank is made using 30T Toray CA Japanese matt, it's stronger and gives you the ability to horse the fish out of structure, you can fish these rods at more than 30 degrees without issue or breakages.
    4) There are less hands in the mix Rather than Factory ---- Distributor ---- Importer --- Dealer. Its more direct Factory ---- Distributor --- End User. There is one full less layer of profit so the same quality rod that used to sell for in excess of $500 is now low $400s.
    4) True warranty. We stand behind the rods 100% if there is break from gimbal to 2/3 of the way up, we cover it completely no $275 "deductible" if you break the tip to 3 guide down I will work with you to replace the cost at a reduced price. If a guide pulls, or a rod has a rattle or anything like that it will be replaced with new at no cost.
  11. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    Thank you for the explanation Sir.

    My question now is, how do I utilize this color coding?

    If I want to purchase a Blue power rod,
    then is band to make it easier for me to identify
    the rods in that power rating when I am at the tackle shop?

    Is there some other way(s) of utilizing this colored powered band since it's not meant to match up
    with line, jigs or reels?

    Thank you
  12. r.sheker

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  13. Boston Tangler

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    Interesting never saw it that way but now that you mention it does look like a similar font. I used a design firm down in Delaware to do the artwork
    X9 “Nine Lives Braid”.jpg palmarius Artboard 1.png

    palmarius Artboard 1.png Palmarius Hook raw form.png Palmarius new logo.jpg Palmarius original P - 1.jpg

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  14. Boston Tangler

    Boston Tangler Site Sponsor

    Thanks Ray. I think I'm going to stick with it but reduce the size of the trim band to 1 CM as others suggested it might be a conflict with reel colors/line colors/etc. The first batch is only 160 rods, so if its not a hit with the public then I'll do away with it for the next batch.
  15. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    Thank you once again.

    So, as I understand it.
    Today, when I look at my 150gr rod with the
    ocea jigger on it,
    and then I look at my 250gr rod with the
    accurate on it,
    and then I look at my 350gr rod with the
    OJ4000 on it....

    I am unable to discern the difference between
    these rods/outfits,
    and this color band will help me identify the power
    rating of each setup,
    because this will somehow help me?

    Or if all my rods looked exactly the same,
    and I needed to identify my 250gr rod,
    instead of simply looking at the rod label,
    now to make my life easier,
    I can just memorize a list of colors
    and what weights they correspond too instead,
    making my life so much easier than before :)

    If they used the colors to match other gear,
    Garanimals style, then I can see the marketing
    benefit and the benefit to the angler.
    Currently, I don't even see the marketing
    advantage to the companies employing this color band,
    what is the point?

    Kind of makes me think you are now seeing
    the mature phase of the SPJ craze,
    at least in Japan/Asia.
    We are a few years behind in this country,
    from consumer electronics to fishing.

    PS> I think I will jump a few steps ahead of the market
    and get the color band SPJ rod with an electric reel,
    with the auto jigging feature, set to Slow Pitch Mode,
    get the horizontal/outrigger style rod holder,
    insert rod/reel, and let it do its thing.
    I will stand back and record the fishing action
    with my go pro, so I can then post on social media.
    :) :)
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  16. HungryJack

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    I think you missed your mark/goal,
    that you stated on the Tackle Insider thread.

    You identified a niche in the market place,
    were going to price your rods at 4x of cost,
    be the low price leader.
    You're currently priced at around 8x of cost,
    and priced about 20% off established higher tier rods.
    Kind of missed your stated mark :)

    Still leaving the niche market/price point,

    maybe not for long :)
  17. r.sheker

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    LMAO they are already SPJ'ing using electric reel. shimano elextric reel for spj ;).

    shimano beastmaster 2000
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  18. HungryJack

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    Damn, I'm behind too now. :)
    Need to do a 20k shopping spree in Tokyo
    to catch back up,
    and be able to catch some fish.

    Actually too effin funny,
    but totally predictable.

    Looks like I'm going to have to add
    that Spydro underwater camera that
    ScubaChris is promoting all the time,
    that will get me back in the lead!!!!
  19. Boston Tangler

    Boston Tangler Site Sponsor

    Actually I think I'm a more than a few points below it. The danger is if I price the rods too low, people will think they are no good (the Merck at work mentality, ie the more expensive consultant is always the better one) if I price them too high, well why not just buy XYZ known "brand". Eventually I hope the the other features and advantages I feel we have (longer, stronger, bigger guides) will mitigate the 'price' discussion to some extent. Anglers want the best tackle for their application, price is often secondary but everyone wants good value for their dollar. I hope we can provide some incremental improvements on what's currently out there and offer great value at the same time.

    When I say improvements, I mean address the feedback and complaints, requests/suggestions gained from the sale of literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of SPJ rods. Provide rods that are more user & knot friendly, more durable, longer, bigger guides, more backbone. Option to get split grip or full EVA handles in the same blank. Option to have rod as Conv, Spin, Straight or Acid. Blanks available in each and every model of rod.

    The introductory (early adopter incentive price) is $319.95 for the Series I that's for a rod that costs as much to build as many of the $5xx rods. I don't see 4x at that price. As many know the cost is in the guides the blank is not the biggest variable. Very expensive components, 100% Fuji guides Ti Torzite + KWAG/KTAG in larger sizes as well as reel seats and trim rings from Japan. The longer the rod the more material is used as well.

    That being said it would certainly be possible to offer an even less expensive edition / version of the same blank using less expensive guides and lower the price a good bit but most of the people I speak with want the better grade of guides.