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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by hamptonsurf, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. hamptonsurf

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    Has anyone ever owned, fished from or known someone who has a scout boat? Looking at a used 23 foot center brand new, but 2004. Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. cabosandinh

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    you can always go to the 'drama' board

  3. dingoatemebaby

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    they look like cool boats, the hull design is made to be fast, but i've also heard of a few problems associated with them, water not draining from out of the cockpit, and faulty fuel tanks coming loose from the hull, it seems like in that same price range you could find a deep V boat like a Parker or Jones Brothers which IMO is a superior fishing boat
  4. justin080799

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    I owned a Scout CC , sold to buy bigger boat .top notch fit and finish , hull excellent I really like them a lot. Very high quality compared to most IMO.
    The old issues the other member is talking about are old news, The scout cc with scuppers (self draining) were said to not drain as well as they should if you took a wave etc. I believe that was addressed long ago around 2002 by placing the fuel tank further aft. mine was never an issue and I had it for 4 years in all kinds of weather. There were also some issues with the sending unit covered by the manufacturer and replaced by a local dealer. These are very minor issue compared to other boat makers. The prices on the new scouts have gone through the roof otherwise I would buy one in minute.

  5. hamptonsurf

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    thanks guys....much appreciated
  6. masonboro

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    Worked on a lot of them.If you want me to give you a "Head's Up" on what to look for P.M. me.