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    It's funny how some hunting and fishing trips go sour. I had this great trip planed for a groom who is to be married this Saturday. I was just introduced to this young man Wednesday afternoon. I offered to take the cook on that cinco tuna trip, but he declined. That got me thinking. I don't know why, but I just wanted to take a someone hunting that was getting married. Maybe I just wanted to have some fun and teach a new acquaintance what life is really all about.

    When I went to pick the groom up, I got to meet his mother, father and future bride. They all thanked me for taking him on his first hunting trip. They were very nice and friendly. I sensed they wanted him to leave town for a couple of days. There seemed to be a little tension in the air between him and the bride to be. He had a little duffle bag and his mother had packed up some grocery's.

    Once we got on the highway, I told him that it's tradition for someone to start drinking. He quickly volunteered. I keep an assortment of booze and we pulled over at a rest stop to get him fixed up. He was a rum man. Rum, coke and lime. I quickly started calling him Mr. Cuba.

    I learned he was 24 and very religious. But he did like to drink. He was on his third drink when I made the decision to exit IH35 and take Highway 57 to Piedras Negras. That was nowhere near the hunting camp, but this young man needed some real life adventures. He had no idea where we were headed until we hit the border. I have a friend that lives in Eagle Pass, and called him to join us. I told him I would pay for everything as long as he drove his car across the border.

    I told Mr. Cuba that life changes at Club 54. If you've never been there, I highly suggest going there one time in your life. The entertainment is beyond your imagination. It's like being in a third world country mixed with body torture style entertainment. I've probably visited there 30 times. They put on a show that will blow your mind. It changes all the time as the entertainers tend to live short lives. It's hard to find as it's about 10 miles from the border with lots of turns and horrible roads. But it's worth it. This is the same place that I had a friend getting married years ago put in jail. Turned out to be a good thing.

    After watching the first entertainer break a beer bottle and stick broken pieces of glass in his cheeks Mr. Cuba went quiet. The next entertainer puts fire to an ice pick before stinking it all the way though his biceps. Another guy took hot coals from a fire placed them on his stomach. You could hear the skin sizzle. The smell of burn skin just hung in the air. Mr. Cuba finally came to life when the female entertainment arrived. Mr. Cuba went absolutely nuts. They do things that aren't allowed in the United States.

    We get back on the road about midnight headed for the hunting lease. Mr. Cuba passed out from drinking to much Mexican brandy so I just left him in the truck when we arrived. When I woke up at 6am, he was still passed out. After I fixed him up with some eggs, bacon and hot sauce I taught him how to shoot. I pulled out a .22 with a scope and placed a paper plate on a fence post. Time for a some gun safety and training. He got the hang of it rather quickly. I pulled out a couple of big guns before leaving camp. I told Mr. Cuba that the .22 was a girlie gun and the center fire rifles had a punch.

    I have a .460 Weatherby Mag that kicks like a mule. This was to be my first trick on the guy. I couldn't wait watch him jolt backwards from the kick that gun produces. We started driving and I spotted a coyote in a sendero about 75 yards in front of us. He got out, rolled down the window and used the door as a rest. I told him to brace himself with a wide stance. When he pulled the trigger his shoulder gave way and the scope pounded into his left eye. His head went back like he had been struck by a prize fighter.

    He gently put the gun down and fell to the ground. He was out cold. I poured half of a 5 gallon cooler of ice water on him. He was a mess. Blood was flowing so bad that I couldn't tell if it was a surface cut or if the eye was cut. I pulled out a T-shirt and kept padding his face with cold water and ice until the bleeding stopped. Thank God his eye was fine. His nose was crooked and the skin on the left side of his nose had peeled back over towards his right eye.

    I carry a big sewing needle and power pro 12 pound line with me at all times. I laid him down on the tailgate to start stitching him up. It looked really bad. He started shaking when he saw me threading the needle. I'm not used to stitching up on peoples faces so I backed off and decided he needed a doctor. I put an ice pack on him and we went back to camp to load up. I used his cell phone at the hunting headquarters to call up his parents. That was a tough phone call. The mother was at home and was rather upset. I promised her I would take good care of him and get him proper medical help. I took him to a doc in the box in Laredo and watched as he had 23 stitches placed on his eye perimeter and another 14 on his nose. The doctor said he wouldn't have any scars in about 6 months. That was good news.

    The bride to be kept calling for the next three hours. She was starting to get on my nerves. I almost tossed his phone out the window. How many calls does it take to find out he's OK. I told Mr. Cuba that he might want to reconsider as she wasn't good under pressure. If she's like that now, multiply it times ten for the future. He kind of agreed and started talking about the trip across the border. His religious training went out the window at Club 54.

    When I pulled up to drop him off late this afternoon his mother and future wife started crying and yelling at him. It was pretty bad. It wasn't his fault and accidents happen. I finally calmed them down before I left. I think when I presented her a nice sized check for a wedding present changed her attitude. She's money motivated. Mr. Cuba will be just fine but he's gonna look like a monster at his wedding Saturday night. He has a patch over his left eye, a device clamped to his nose to keep it aligned and a huge bump on the bone above his left eye. I have a gut feeling that he won't forget me. I invited him to come fishing some time this summer. He said he'd think about it.
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    What are you trying to do to this poor boy? I liked the part where he at least waited to pass out so he could put the gun down.

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    man i think you could write a novel with your stories, the clean ones anyway.
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    Ok, I got to ask, did he at least hit the coyote? Definetly sounds like he won't forget you and will have some interesting wedding pics.
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    Great story as usual GS. I bet the groom will be looking great for his potraits on Sat. Did you get the shot on video?

    If you ever want to see some great firearms videos go to and look at the forum (I think you have to register to see) and look at the videos. The little guys shooting the 577 Tyrannasour is great. As a comparison of power the .375 H&H has a taylor knockdown index of 40, the 460 Weatherby is 86.7 and the 577 Tyranny is 150.
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    GS, you did some driving. Club 54 is a long way from the hunting site. Is this a picture of you as a child? If so, it might shed some light as to your current lifestyle.

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    mr.bill to funny!!!!!!! between you and gunsmoke this board will never be the same...note to self never and i mean never venture any farther south in texas than san antonio. please post current pictures of gunsmoke so we can post up must avoid posters of him. i sure don't want to be one of the ends to his pranks......rick
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    i think I made a good decision to stay close to home this weekend... lol.!!!!
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    Man, I cant stop laughing. That boy may never go hunting again..
    Please post up some wedding pics, if you get them.....
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    GS, you did some driving. Club 54 is a long way from the hunting site. Is this a picture of you as a child? If so, it might shed some light as to your current lifestyle.

    That picture is FAS. Don't you dare put a current pic of me on the internet.

    Yes, he did hammer the coyote. I picked it up to move it out of the sendero and it almost fell in half. I'm not going to the wedding. I wasn't invited. I just met the lad through a priest I take fishing. I did give him a very nice gift just to shut up the bride. I don't even remember his first or last name. The priest called me this morning for a little chat.

    Guess I'll be making a donation to the church this Christmas. Either that or he wants me to go to confession and become a regular member.
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    If you confessed all your sins that Priest would be kneeling in the confessional for a month. I'd just buy him a new car and go on with your life.
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    I've probably visited there 30 times.....I have a .460 Weatherby Mag that kicks like a mule.

    Laughed my ASS off.......LOL.....too damned funny.
    Thanks for the entertainment....