Saving My Old Boat!

Discussion in 'Boat Building' started by JohnnyMax, May 27, 2020.

Is the boat worth trying to save and restore?

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  1. kapnd

    kapnd Junior member

    You haven’t even mentioned the hull, except to say that it’s been sitting since 2008, plenty of time to develop rotten decks, transom and stringers, probably gas tanks too.
    I’d prioritize rot investigation, cut the floor open enough to get the fuel tank out, then drill a couple test cores in the stringers and transom.
    Let that determine if you still want to proceed.
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  2. day0ne

    day0ne Senior Member

    Actually he did say that the hull and transom were solid (post 14).

  3. JohnnyMax

    JohnnyMax Active Member

    You guys may have swayed me along with over events.
    I am looking at a 21' Wellcraft Coastal in perfect condition this evening.
    I want to get some fishing in. The boat only has a 40 mile range though, unless I add tanks.
    I was working on my Renkin fish-n-ski and the a plug broke off and the engine is locked up. That was frustrating, and in light of all the comments here, well... I still plan to clean up my V20's and flip one, maybe both.
    One of the V20's I just bought has two 40 gallon poly fuel tanks not installed yet. They were $400. If I install them that would double the range to 80, 160 round trip.
    QUESTION: Is there a gauge I can install inline that will calculate fuel consumption and range, like what is in my Corvette?
    The boat I am looking at was a dive boat, so it is not rigged for fishing.
    It is just a clean boat.
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  4. KMitchell

    KMitchell Senior Member

    Find an old shamrock
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  5. day0ne

    day0ne Senior Member

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  6. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    I happen to know a guy that has one for sale, needs a motor (small block ford)
  7. JohnnyMax

    JohnnyMax Active Member

    Passed on the boat I looked at yesterday. Looking at a 25' 6" Pro-Line today.
  8. hafnor

    hafnor Senior Member

    @JohnnyMax Go forward with the rebuild! f the haters, lol:D its probably going to be a grueling process but damn that boat would be cool. As long as the hull is good, you can always make furniture cheap. Go hard on the engine and get that fixed. I would also recommend a fresh water cooling system for the engine instead of seawater flowing through. This will keep the insides fresh. I believe you can buy kits for this to almost all mercruiser engines.

    The boat has beautiful lines. I would go with a dark British racing green hull and dark wood inside with cream seats. Picturing it already! :rolleyes: Although not very fish friendly maybe...
  9. JohnnyMax

    JohnnyMax Active Member

    I bought a nice boat so I can be out there now.
    I still have my project boat. Hull, transom and engine are solid.
    It already has a sealed freshwater cooling system with a heat exchanger.
    I bought it for the engine.
    I am cleaning up my shop, so I can move the boat inside and eventually start the rebuild.

    Here is the boat I bought so I can get out there now. :)
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  10. north coast

    north coast Senior Member

    Awesome !
    Let’s see some dead fish :)

    That Honda will give you years of reliable service. I put well over 4,000 hours on my last one. Sold it a bit tired but still running great and fishing several days a week. Starts like your car, every morning.
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  11. hafnor

    hafnor Senior Member

    solid walkaround! Congrats!
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  12. Kipi

    Kipi Well-Known Member

    I've always been the one with the rose coloured glasses... I've restored stuff that had no right to continued life... But I'm over that. I'll never bother with another old motor, crazed gelcoat, rotten planking or corroded metal again. Life is becoming potentially too short. That's not to say I won't embark on my next project... And I have quite an ambitious one in the pipeline.

    That being said, if it's your thing, then go wild. I've discovered that there's no right or wrong when it comes to boats... Only an emotional soup that revs us boat lovers up worse than a teenager heading to prom.

    Personally, if I were to tackle another "old boat project", it would have to be a beaut. But I guess that's in the eye of the beholder. Best of luck JM and run us a thread on the rebuild.
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