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    SSFIREMSN Senior Member

    If I got a saragosa would I have to upgrade the drag washers or is it good to go? Also If you had to choose would you choose a peen 9500ss or saragosa 18000? Thanks Steve:confused:
  2. papio

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    The Saragosa is ready to go. No need to up grade till you burn them out - if you burn them out. I got both reels and both can handle big fish, but I prefer the Saragosa.

  3. tunacrazy

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    No question about it the saragosa is 3X the reel the 9500 penn. I have both, and the saragosa has all the drag you need as is, but some guys are using aftermarket drag washers for better overall drag prefomance. For the price the reel has proven its self as a winner right out of the box. If you like to jig with spinners and you want to keep the buget under control,this reel a good choice. Alot of guys like jiging with spinners for a fast jigging style,some like it because when they hookup the are using their domonate arm and have a little more pulling and lifting power. I guess its what ever a guy likes. I hope you find a fit. Bruce