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Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by genensd, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. genensd

    genensd Member

    I live in san diego and fish at least once if not twice a week I have access to several boat as I work at a landing I am looking to hook up with people to take fishing here and in turn fish with them later in their home states.
    I would not charge anything for these trips as I would be fishing anyways.
    If you choose to pitch in for gas and bait then I would do the same when I come fishing with you.
    a simple ride swap is all I am talking about.
  2. JerseyBrian

    JerseyBrian Senior Member

    very cool of you. I have a friend who lives in San Deigo and would love to wet a line when I fly out there with a fellow member :)

  3. genensd

    genensd Member

    just let me know when you are coming out give me a bit a notice and it wont be a problem.
    the fishing will be good through oct then it slows down but the offer stands toward next year as well.
    I will usually begin fishing freshwater when the offshore bite dies down.
  4. Eastern Tackle

    Eastern Tackle Senior Member

    How do you feel about North Carolina? I can't come until there until next year, but come on, you can owe me one. Just shoot me a PM.
  5. genensd

    genensd Member

    sounds great when my season ends here I usually take at least 2 or 3 trips fishing other places that is why I thought about doing this the season here was really good for me caught several fish on almost every trip.