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  1. Saltywater tackle

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    Hi Guys,

    After years of putting up fishing reports and information on 360tuna, we have decided to leave the forum due to the new changes.
    Our time spent on 360tuna have been a great experience and we have made many friends and acquaintance along the way.
    Moving forward, fellow fishermen who wish to continue following our exciting reports and quality products, please sign up for our newsletter at or check out our Blog or Facebook page.
    A new forum from Saltywater Tackle is definitely something to look forward too.

    Thank you and good luck!
    Saltywater Tackle.
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  2. d-a

    d-a Senior Member

    Hate to see you guys go but I understand why. I will keep up with you guys thru other avenues.

    Best of luck (I know you don't need it due to your work ethic).

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  3. Warsaw

    Warsaw Senior Member

    We have gained the worst and lost the best.
  4. cudaman

    cudaman Senior Member

    Hate to see you guys go, you will be missed. Hope you keep us updated on what you do with the newsletter and Facebook.
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  5. carlosburitica

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  6. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    this is depressing.
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  7. jac0023

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  8. max drag

    max drag Senior Member

    What the hell is happening? There sure has been an exodus of top people from this site. Hate to see you go, have been and will continue following you guys on your blog.
  9. fathom

    fathom Lifetime Supporting Members

    Your contribution to the forum has been monumental.
    From state of the art tackle to some of the best reports and pics.
    They will be sorely missed.
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  10. a1flyfishr

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    Well I had to stop in and talk to Sami and Paul since there will be no more forum chat. Well like d-a said good luck to you guys even though it's not needed. Just keep up with the newsletter so we can get our fix. Oh forgot! Lol while there I picked up a pair of Fisherman 3D gloves, they feel awesome and grip seems fine lets see how long they hold up, and how they grip when wet. Also got some new Haoli jigs not even placed on shelf yet, along with Shout Strobe jigs, i think they will be killer on tuna, 250g and just under 5" long. Good luck again guys and thank you for everything.

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  11. chewy

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    Hope you will come back to texas to fish again in the future sami. If you do, let me know and I'll be there.. and one of these day's I will have to go with you to hit up the blue fins or GT's =) take it easy friend.
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  12. tailfisher

    tailfisher Senior Member

    Sorry to see you go brother, you always contributed a wealth of info with your posts, starting to feel like forum is heading in the wrong direction with all the changes the last week and now your departure.
  13. Reel Stamas

    Reel Stamas Senior Member

    Hate to hear it... It will be interesting to see where 360* is in ~6-12 mos... Time will tell I guess...
  14. waterman482

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    Its going to go the way of that other site that came and went With the departure of Saltywater it will only go downhill from here. The site just lost their most credible and knowledgeable contributor.
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  15. oilpatch

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    Kinda ironic. Boggles the mind to click new members and see how many people join daily. Hate for them to see all this negative stuff and say this is the wrong place. I will miss the reports myself of places I can only dream about ....
  16. ewdi

    ewdi Administrator

    All the best and thank you for all your contributions