Saltist STT40 vs. Torium 20

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Chumlord, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Chumlord

    Chumlord Member

    For jigging which reel is is best???

    I am hearing both sides of the coin Saltist is superior to the Torium and that they are equal???

    I am primarily concerned on how the each will handle 15 lbs of drag.
  2. spineyman

    spineyman Senior Member

    Both reels will handle 15# of drag with no problems, however I believe the Saltist is just alittle beefier.

  3. YMMV

    YMMV Senior Member

    Go Saltist.

    I feel its a better built reel with also a lot less complaints (if any) about its anti-reverse. Saltist also has more cranking power. Upgrade the drag washers in the Saltist and you can tackle tuna up to 125 or so lbs with no problems.

    I prefer my Saltigas over my Trinidads for bottom fishing and tuna fishing any day of the week. They just feel more solid and connected. Again, also love the cranking power.

    You should be albe to get over 22lbs of drag with the Saltist. My buddys Saltist 50 gets 24lbs. My Saltiga SA50 with carbontex drag washers gets 25lbs of drag.
  4. hstsw

    hstsw Senior Member

    Daiwa Saltist or Saltiga are better for jigging (Kil uses Saltiga 40)
    Trinidad 40 is ok too - but Trinidad 20 & 30 are more suitable for top water fishing - cast great
  5. crazyjigr

    crazyjigr Senior Member

    Both reels are good, when you up grade the drags and use a high drag is when you'll have failures. If you think you may want high drag buy better reels.
  6. jiggawhat

    jiggawhat Senior Member

    If used for jigging then get the 4.9 saltist cause the torium is 6:1 gear ratio.That will wear you out.
  7. LT1

    LT1 Member

    Saltist. Blew up one too many anti-reverse on the torium for me to recommend.

  8. Angler Systems

    Angler Systems Senior Member

    If used for jigging then get the 4.9 saltist cause the torium is 6:1 gear ratio.That will wear you out.

    That would be my comment as well.

    Both sweet reels however and will do the job well, the Saltist is just better suited for the task. We use our Toriums for King Mac fishing and the are outstanding.
  9. shooter75

    shooter75 Member

    I've been looking at the Satist STT50 myself. How would the Saltist compare to the new Metal Senator 113?
  10. Chumlord

    Chumlord Member

    Bought the Saltist 40H for jigging. Out of the box drag was messed up could only get 13 lbs of drag with the star wheel tightened as tight as humanly possible. Flipped the spring washers around reel performed fine. Getting a replacement reel on Friday from Daiwa. Bought the high speed for jigging because around here the Blackfins are with the AJs, FAs and Sharks. On recommendations from charter captains saying you need to reel as fast as you can and then some they all concurred the high speed is the only way to go.