Saltist or Saragosa?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by crazy8, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. crazy8

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    Im having an OTI spinning rod built for next season. I'm torn on what reel to put on it. The rod is a 60-80, 7'6" popping rod.

    I think I am going to end up with an 'entry level' spinning reel. I dont think I can justify a Twin Spin, Dogfight, or Stella.

    Has anyone used both of these? Preferably the Saragosa 18000, and the Saltist 6500.

    Anyone have anything break with either or these? Anyone notice a threshold size of fish that they cant handle?
  2. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    The saragosa is tested and it holds up well for pretty big tuna....for an entry level reel. The saltist is promising....but I'm not sure it's ready to fight tuna. I'd pick up a saragosa....upgrade the drag in 5 minutes and you'll be good to go.

  3. Enoch

    Enoch Senior Member

    do some research on stripers online as I have made a few assesments of the saltist.
  4. YMMV

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    do some research on stripers online as I have made a few assesments of the saltist.

    That was a shame the reel didn't live up to the "Saltist" quality. :(
  5. bigscrnman

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    Saragossa is a great reel for the money. The only issue I had with mine was the drag cap. Make sure that you get a newer model with the aluminum cap and not plastic. Got mine in 2007 and had the cap melt. FYI-getting support from shimano was EASY!!! They sent me a new cap with not a single problem.
  6. toppuntawong

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    Go with the Saragosa, don't like how the handle goes into the gear with the Saltist. Doesn't look like it will hold up that well. Saragosa is proven so might as will stick to it.
  7. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    This is the prime example where pricing by various dealers seems odd to me. The saragosa seems like it would benefit from a small price reduction (like 250 for the 18000) and the same with the stella. I can;t for the life of me figure out how a stella costs as much or more as a tiagra 80w. Just doesn't seem to add up.

    If stellas were a bit cheaper, I think they would be flying off the shelves. Make the saragosa 250 and the stellas 650 and you would dominate the market like crazy....seems to me anyway. I'd have 2 stellas and 3 or 4 shimanos on my boat in a heartbeat.
  8. jig42na

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    I don't have either of the reels, but I know that some good anglers really pushed the limits on the Saragosa and they have been good reels. Even captains on the water everyday almost got a full season out of them.

    My only experience with the new saltist is that the handle in the gear felt messed up after only one tuna.

    I vote for Saragosa
  9. hamptonsurf

    hamptonsurf Senior Member

    We also have to keep in mind how often we fish (as mentioned above) and how we fish these reels. I have a friend who fishes for grouper/AJs etc almost exclusively....he's the type of guy that catches goliaths and jumps in the water so he can get his picture taken with them. He is now doing alot of blufin fishing as well. for whatever reason, he loves fishing ridiculous drag on the strongest rods and trying to get the biggest fish in the boat in the fastest time. He can do this because he is built like a tank (former Big 10 lineman).

    He has blwon up 3 stellas with each reel catching no more than 5-10 fish. This is generally unheard of, but all reels have limitations. I'm throwing this out there because this type of fishing destroys almost any reel, but if you fish them differently, they (saragosas, stells, spinfishers etc) will treat you very well. Just know what you are getting into when using these reels on big fish.