Saltist 40 lever stripped

Discussion in 'Reels' started by jiggawhat, May 16, 2009.

  1. jiggawhat

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    Well i was jigging with the saltist 40 and didnt have any hits so i went to engage the reel into freespool to let the jig back down it stayed in gear.i hit the release and it sounded like it wasnt catching so i got frustrated and put it down.Then some of the other guys on the boat started catching ajs so it dawned on me that i could just loosen the drag all the way and then turn the drag back on.duh!Anyway, anyone know how to fix this or do i got to buy another reel?Thanks Guys Robert
  2. Jason4606

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    Take a look at Alan Tani's carbontex upgrade for Saltist 40. There are good pix of the guts and good details of how to get into the reel and put it all back together.

    Basically the clutch lever that you operate moves the clutch cam. The cam has a peg on one end that fits into an oval slot in the yoke plate that then engages/disengages the spool.

    Guessing that the cam has just jumped out of the slot in the yoke plate. But even if one of the parts is broken it shouldn't be expensive. Also guessing that the yoke needs grease... It uses 2 ramps (you can see them on the flat yoke plate on either side of the gold pinion. They slide under to lift it up.) to disengage spool. So if that was corroded or even un-greased it may have caused the problem to begin with.

    Hope this helps get you on the path... (While you're in there you might as well put in carbontex washers too!) I'm no expert, but one nice thing about conventionals is that most are pretty simple to tinker with!

    Once you dig in, post pix of what you find or let us know what happens. If there are more probs, somebody will be able to help get it squared away.


  3. jiggawhat

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    Thanks Jason...I opened it this morning before i posted it looked clean no corrosion and greased up plenty i thought.Everything was in place.I believe that the lever portion should be solid correct? When i put any tension on the spring the lever moves without engaging.ill post pics later if i can
  4. spineyman

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    What happened to your reel dude?
  5. jiggawhat

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    its the lever it must have stripped somehow. the reel stays in gear.... i think i have to buy a new lever cause i dont think its a fixable part. the lever is suppose to be solid but the part that engages the clutch (thanks Jason) spins under pressure so its not engaging the reel.I need to take pics to better explain it.