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Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by stresst, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. stresst

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    I had my 20 upograded with carbontex. I used it last weekend for the first time and any cod over 15lbs I had no drag. It was buttoned all the way down. I didn't put a scale on it but im not getting more than 12 or so lbs of drag? Any ideas or suggestions. I'd rather try and fix it rather than bring it back. Thanks
  2. lordhell

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    Maybe too much drag grease can cause this? Try wiping up excess drag grease and see if your drag improves.

  3. spineyman

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    If that doesn't fix it contact Alantani and he can help. Maybe the drag washers are out of sequience or alignment.
  4. Bellyups

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    I have not taken apart a saltiga, but most star drag reels have a drag pressure plate on top of the drag stack. Check to make sure the drag washer pressure plate was replaced coorectly. If it was installed backwards, the plate will not compress the washers properly and the result is weak drag pressure.
  5. feeder

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    Here's the post Alantani did for upgrading the Saltist. I used this guide for both my Saltist and Saltiga and they work pretty well. They're pretty similar internally and easy to do. Just take your time if this is the first time you're doing it yourself. Just line everything out on a towel in the order it came off in.

    Saltist Upgrade
  6. alantani

    alantani Senior Member

    the saltist is pretty straight forward. is it possible that you have spectra that is slipping on the spool? alan
  7. Taz575

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    Did some of the discs get frozen?? Sometimes the grease freezes and the drag goes away. Dunno what would happen if say 1 or 2 of the discs were frozen. AlanTani has his tutorial, I also did one on a few months back.
  8. rtran

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    alantani has a saltiga write up also. I followed that when I did my drag upgrade on my saltiga and have had no problems
  9. stresst

    stresst Senior Member

    Ok it only took a month for me to have the time to open this up. I opened it up carefully finding what looked to be a rubber o-ring in three pieces in the drag stack. Thank full for finding the problem quickly I cleaned and regreased everything and guess what?? Same thing no drag (maybe 10lbs)

    Any ideas? Im about to sell and start over!
  10. alantani

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    ok so here are the possibilities......

    1. the spectra is slipping on the spool.

    2. the spool is slipping on the spool shaft.

    3. the star is not turning down far enough to put enough pressure on the top metal drag washer.

    4. there is metal to metal contact somewhere in the gear stack between the slotted metal drag washers, the keyed metal drag washers, the main gear and/or the ratchet gear.

    and here's what to do.......

    1. put a dot with a sharpie on the inside lip of the spool and another dot right next to it on the spectra. pull the line against the hardest possible drag and make sure the two dots stay together.

    this is very common. if it slips, have a local shop strip off the spectra, put a double layer of black electrical tape around the arbor of the spool to hold the spectra and a thin layer of grease on the sides of the spool to prevent corrosion. now had the shop wind on the spectra nice a tight so that it does not slip. again, this is very common.

    2. pull the left side plate. put a dot with a sharpie on the inside of the spool and on the spool shaft. put the left side plate back on, pull the line against the hardest possible drag, remove the side plate and make sure the two dots stay together.

    this is very rare. if the spool slips on the spool shaft, you need a new spool.

    3. tighten down the star as far as you can. remove the handle and count the number of threads that are exposed on the drive shaft as a measure of the depth that the star has traveled and check to see that the drive shaft turns freely. make sure that the star does not bottom out. do this first with the right side plate in place.

    now remove the star and the right side plate. then replace the star and all the pieces between the star and main gear. crank down the star until it is just as tight as before. count the number of threads to see if the star has traveled just as far without the side plate in place as with. if it does not, then something is hanging up on the side plate and is preventing the star from traveling as far down and tight as it should. now jump to step #4.

    4. with the right side plate still off, replace the handle assembly. hold the main gear tightly and try to turn the handle. you should be unable to turn the handle while holding the main gear without a great deal of force. if the main gear turns easily, then you have metal to metal somewhere in the drag stack. one or more of the carbon fiber washers is too thin. this is common problem in the trinidads and toriums with a carbontex upgrade. the washers might be out of place.

    if you still cannot find the problem, then i'd like to take a look. alan
  11. alantani

    alantani Senior Member

    you know, i was just thinking.... the drag washers on the saltiga 20 are pretty small. is this all the drag you're supposed to get? let's get this thing on a scale and check. alan