Sabiki rig

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Minnow, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    I am just wondering, who do you think makes the best sabiki ? and why they are the best?

    The reason I ask, there are too many brand and model to choose from.
  2. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    I feel that this depends on what bait and size you seek.
    The best sabiki is different for a 4 inch hardtail versus one that is more than a foot long.
    I try to carry a couple of the small, med and large. Then it's just what ever catches my eye.

  3. WSchorp

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    Use a small lead jig about the size of a car key, they are less hastle than a sabiki and you don't have to deal with the hooks all over the place.