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Rumor, not confirmed

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Heard a rumor that a long range boat is coming to the coast, either Galveston or Huston.
Anybody else heard of this?
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Hey Ronnie,

How those cruise ships (and aircraft carriers for that matter) get up to speed is based on a simple equation:

(LWL^.5)*1.34 = max speed in knots

Max speed of any displacement hull increases with it's lenght at waterline, longer the boat the faster it can go.


What on earth would a 7-10 day trip in the GOM be doing? Heard any suggested float plans?
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IF another boat does come, I hope it's laid out like the SD boats. They have 1/2 the upper deck of the Big E which gives you more casting space at the stern. They have plenty of casting space at the bow, and none (that I've seen) have a pulpit. Finally, maybe get bigger bait tanks.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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