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Rumor, not confirmed

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Heard a rumor that a long range boat is coming to the coast, either Galveston or Huston.
Anybody else heard of this?
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Does anyone know if Mexico issues permits to American boats to fish there waters in the GOM?

I think the reason the Big E raised their prices is the fact that they cancel so many trips. That must be a mess re-scheduling all those cancelled trips.

They like that big mother to go out on glass days so the spray never hits the Capt's windshield. That would cause the deckhands a little extra time hosing the boat down after the trip. They don't want those loin gaffting deckhands to get overtime.
I fully understand insurance and lawsuits. Does the Big E make you sign a wavier before boarding? I'm sure they do. I sign about 10 waivers a year because of outdoor activities. Both fishing and hunting communities try their best to cover their arse. Can't blame them. If you don't sign the wavier, you don't get to board the boat or pull out a gun. I even sign waivers when boarding private boats and hunting on private ranches. It's been that way for about 15 years.

I've only sued one person in my life and that was to collect on a bad debt. Unfortunately, there are people out there that live for a mishap. There's to many lawyers right now. If we could only pass a law that would put a lawyer tag on our hunting license. Being able to bag one lawyer a year would be real nice and maybe the Big E would be able to fish more.
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