Roy's visit and Sharkathon - PINS Catch & Release Tourney

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    After breakfast the Corpus TunaHeads usually make a run to Roy's Bait and Tackle to BS and see if anything is happening. With all the talk about Jerry's Mako, Michelle mentioned the big tournament on Sept 7-9th, I'd never heard about it, but it's a catch, photograph and release Shark tournament that takes place on PINS. Pays out great prizes and some cash! Sharks aren't my style but if anyone is interested, check it out at their website. Classes include longest Shark, Redfish, Trout, and a special Tarpon division.

    While at Roy's we did see some interesting gear, new Penn Internationals, the new Tyrnos 12 2-speed was there, and it got fondled a little and StxFisherman can't walk past the Accurate reels without fondling those.

    We also got to see the new Momoi Diamond Hollow Braid! The Momoi braid is blue, no surprise there, and looks pretty comparable to the JB Hollow. The only size they had in stock was the 130, I got a sample of it and it looks just a tiny bit smaller in diameter than the JB. It opened especially easy and needles went through it pretty quick and easy. I didn't get a price on it, but it is supposed to be cheaper than JB and priced close to Power Pro. May try some on the TBB07 trip, but we'll see.

    FYI, For the Sharkathon, Roy's is having a huge sale... lots of discounts on a big variety of products, line, reels, hooks, etc. I don't have a sheet, but it looks like a good sale, and goes on all week. Avets and Penns were both 10% off if I remember right. Some 2006 Shimano reels had a discount as well and even "Sharkmaster Snagged" picked up a new Shimano reel.

    Good luck to all anglers next weekend on the TBB07 and PV !!

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf
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    Tom, the Sharkathon has been a pretty big deal for some time now. Last year I had a 12 hour charter a few days prior to it and furnished bait in the form of 12 bonito to four of the entrants from San Antonio. I met them on I 37 to pass the bait off to them. I don't think they won though :(