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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Mitchw123456, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Mitchw123456

    Mitchw123456 Senior Member

    I've always heard that spectra and rollers do not mix well together but I've noticed most of people use rollers for tuna along with jerry brown. Are there a certain type roller you use to prevent the smaller diameter spectra from going off the side of the roller?
  2. Bazztex

    Bazztex Senior Member

    Rollers and Braided lines haven't been a problem for me but never say never.

    Most of the Premium (USA MADE) rollers are fine for braided lines, Aftco, Stuart , Am Tac, Neptune, and the Pac Bay Elliminator guides to name a few.

    Since most tuna anglers use 65# Braid and above it's usually not a problem.. just stay away from really cheap roller rods made in China.


  3. Savage Rods

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    Rollers have not been a problem for me. I too use Aftco or Pacific Bay. I've never heard an issue with any I've used. I agree with Bazztex, use quality rollers.
  4. Argo

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    no problems with rollers either. I try to use standard guides for bottom fishing though since it is in the holder when the strike comes alot of the times. weird angles can cause a problem
  5. Ragman

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    I save rollers for my highest rated rods, usually 80-100# plus.

    With the high quality of Silicone Carbide rings (very hard and very slick), IMO you don't need rollers for anything less, especially when using relatively small diameter line, but strong breaking strength, like spectra.

    I'm sure others will have different opinions.
  6. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    I have had zero issues with several different Aftco rollers.
  7. xs_tackle

    xs_tackle Senior Member

    No problems here w/Aftco (and maybe others, but I've used only Aftco) rollers for rods carrying spectra (65#-200#) I've used 'em for yrs. Really like them for the back & forth of a long fight. In hi spray & evap conditions (summer in the Gulf) I rinse the crust off of exposed rollers w/ freshwater at least daily. SiC rings are great until they crack/chip/break (when the rod hits the deck). Then, you wish for SS.
  8. jedi243

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    The regular and HD aftco roller have had few problems but the main issue I have seen is 130 spectra sliding off Wind-On and Big foot tips and the chaffing and breaking off. The regular roller tips help fix the problem but the all-american roller guide tips are the only guide I have seen to prevent the problem.
  9. Uncle Russ

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    What exactly do you mean by "...130 spectra sliding off Wind-On and Big foot tips and the chaffing and breaking off."? Are you talking about the larger Aftco "wind on" guides? I didn't know those existed until Rick educated me in a PM about them. I have two Calstars: the 760H and the 7465H rail rod, which has the high, large roller guides. So I will probably use that with a wind-on for chunking. I am curious, however, what you mean. I THINK you are saying that the windon leader fails at the place where the mono disappears into the hollow Spectra and has the half-hitches or the serving holding the cuff in place. Is that correct? Thanks.