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Roll Call: Big E: September 1, 2007

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I saw T.J. on another thread ask DrShark if he is going on this trip and thought I would post this here as well as on 2Cool, to find out who will be on the trip.

So far, I know the following (all in our party):

Uncle Russ
Jason L

By way of background, gimmedeal (Fred) and I are two of the world's truly expert fishermen. Drifter collects tackle, most of which is massive overkill, and shoots whitetail with a .340 Weatherby. Jason L. is related to Drifter, and so cannot be all good. johssm (Steve) has a nice car.

Thanks and hope to see some of you on the trip.

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Any report from this trip?
Hey davec!

I was wondering the same thing, but I haven't checked 2Cool yet.
We saw the big E leaving on sat morning. and heard capt Frank talking with another boat about the weather. I think that they headed towards the gunnison direction.

just saw the report.
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