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our next rodbuilding meeting is thursday at 8pm.
malvern fire house.

over the last 2 months, we have covered, turbo taper.
which teaches how to set up a butt wrap so it can close.
we went over all the measurments. and fomulas.
this makes it easy to setup a wrap on any blank..

last month we, started wrapping easy buttwraps.
we did a diamond and a chevron.
how to setup, where the thread went.
and a few ideas to make them a little different..

this month we will be doing a shade wrap. and split diamonds.
these wraps will be explained in detail.
and will help you do some fancy butt wraps on your new rods.

all are welcome to the
its free, and so is the refreshments
Great time to pick up blanks, and componets...
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