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The Tri-State Custom Rodbuilders started their yearly rodbuilding classes saturday.

WE offer 1 on 1 training for 10 students.
The classes run 3 saturdays, about 7 hrs a day.

We expect the student to have a completed rod at the end of class.
They are supplied with V Blocks that can be used to build their first rod.

We offer a Thread jig
And all students and club members get wholesale pricing on parts.

Day one covers blanks, how they are made, how they work, and everything else about them.
We go over Guides, Table Tableware Event Building Job
and start the students practice wrapping.
and get their parts ordered.

i want to thank Bill and karry batson for giving us some nice rodbuilding supplies. Table Furniture Drinkware Tableware Flag

we have student building fly rods, striper rods, fresh water rods.
Its a great time.


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That little "spining" jig with the bearings in it is a neat little contraption. Saw it at the show 2 years ago.

Great little contraption to perfectly find the spine of the blank. :)
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