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    Hi there I have a question for you guys - what rod do you need for tn20? Also, what is the best setup for fishing 100-200 lb fish? Money is not an issue, but I dont throw it away either. Please help me out. Thanks.:(
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    Welcome aboard.

    50lb class rod will be a good match for Trinidad 20.
    for 100-200lb fish, Tiagra 30/30wlrsa, 50/50wlrsa, Accurate 12,30 and 50, Duel 6/0, Alutecnos 30, and 50, Avet 30 and 50 these reels match with custom build rod on Seeker or Calstar blank will do the job.JMO

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    welcome and a few questions for you....What will you be fishing for with the Tn20 .from private boat or PB? what line are you planning on using?.. for the the 100-200# fish are going to be you jigging?
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    TJ, are you thinking about a Tiagra 20? He's asking about a Trinidad 20.I think it's ideal as a forty # reel.
    Backlash Scott
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    Minnow - Sorry - I wasnt clear. I want to know the best setup for jigging to catch 100-200 lb fish. I already have these loaded guns (see photo).

    Paul708 - I need to know what kind of line and what kind of rod would work best with the tn20. I would like to try fishing on a tuna party boat (anyone want to invite me?) :)

    MrBill - you are not the only one that likes red and purple reels (and I'm not gay).

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    i try NOT to do tuna PB..but you are always welcome to joinour trips . the gusa wahoo jr blank is a great GRAPHITE rod, 700H or XH in calstar or seeker blanks are very nice also.. there are afew others i am trying out;)
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    I have a 665w on a tuna max jigger rod. I pull that out for the big boys.