Rod Suggestion For Avet HXW

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by kenner21, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. kenner21

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    EL Padre just got one for Chirstmas and now were looking for a good stick to go along with it. Looking to spend 200-300 dollars figured this would be the place to ask. Reels loaded with 80lb JB with 50lb mono topshot will be fished with aprox. 20lbs of drag on strike. Mostly for bottom fishing and chunking and whatever else thrown in occasionaly.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. fathom

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    :D Take a look at O.T.I. 5'6" or 6' jigging rods. I would go with the 5'6" rated for
    a little heavier drag. I have the hx on 5'6" jigging rod with 80lb. jb hollow and finger cuff straight to 100 flouro for jigging and bottom fishing. you will loose advantage of the 80lb. spectra with 50lb. mono topshot. the hx will put out 28lb. drag.

  3. hatidua

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    Calstar 760M (6') or 765L (6'6") depending on how stout you like your 50# sticks.
  4. Sea Crappie

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    I hope that the 50lb mono over tests. You're a bolder man than I am fishing 40% @ strike (full disclosure, at the most I'm a 1/3 @ strike an 1/2 @ full kinda guy).

    If you want to fish the HX at 20lb strike, the 760M would work just fine. I fish a 760M as a heavy GOM chunking outfit using 80 to 100lb topshots and drag up to 33lbs. As a true 100lb rod it's a little light, but in my humble opinion, it's too strong for true 50lb (80 is the Goldilocks number for this blank).

    The 765L could be a good blank for this application. Do you want to fish stand-up w/ a harness, straight rail, or harness and rail? If it is for stand-up, I'd stick w/ a 6ft blank.

    If weight is a concern, OTI would be a great choice as their stuff is super light but super strong. On the other hand, if you're the kinda guy who uses his rod for a fish bat :D , stick w/ a composite or e-glass blank from seeker or calstar.
  5. kenner21

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    Now that I thought about it the reel came with 80lb backing and 60lb mono top shot thats where I got the 20lbs from.

    I also think I posted in the wrong forum, my bad ..mods move at will:)