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those rods at bass pro are cheap, pricewise...........

look at the daiwa beef stick, http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog.TextId?hvarTextId=58577&hvarTarget=search&hvarAID=&cmCat=3400368

those are surf rods, not boat rods like advertised (and only $13.88 and $16.88)........ you can check the model#s agaignst Daiwa's web-site to see

i couldn't resist and ordered 2 of the smallest/lightest for some reels i have, and am now considering ordering Fin-Nor OFSs to go with'em since they seem so 'beefy'

it's 'internet sales only' and BPS has gotta be the world's worst shipper of rods.......... they put'em in cardboard tubes with no packing and plastic caps stuck in the ends.......... the plastic caps aren't secured, so they pop off in shipment

you're lucky if the carrier finds all the pieces of two-piece rods and puts'em back in and tapes up the hole in the end

i've rec'd several empty tubes in-the-past, and have had ta call back and have'em ship more

all that aside,........ i too would like to know what a good combo would be for the OFS-95 cuz i wanna start hauling one with me on my boat............ sumpin that ain't gonna send me 'spinning' into to the poorhouse

i haven't even seen one o'those reels yet and wouldn't begin to know what rod would be a good match
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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