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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Jason_L, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Ok so even though the cust service rep pissed me off by never answering me back,I am breaking down and buying one tonight from BPS.Going to pick up a cheap surf rod for trip to the PINS at the end of the month,but will need a rod for it for a 52 hour on the Big E. My question is,what would be a good rod to match it with,and what weight line should I put on it?Also could this work for poppin,jigging,and also chunk fishing?
  2. jig

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    For the surf rod, I would go with the american rodsmith at Acadamy. BPS surf rods are basically the same and twice (or 3 times) the price. I have three I use for sharks and bull reds.

    BPS does not really have anything for a spinner. Best is the Tiger Stik for 20-50# line at $55.

    I am having the same problem, and am very close to going for a custom rod.

    BTW, I had a "semi custom" rod made for my last year. I took a 7ft Allstar 30-50 casting rod and had spinning eyes added to the bottom four spots. It was splined backwards so worked really well. I was very happy with the backbone, casting etc. That is, until I hooked two YFT on it on my Nov Big E trip. Fishing with 15# of drag on a spheros 14000, I was really wishing I had a higher class rod. I would have put this 30-50 set up against any fish as I was testing it, and both YFT kicked my ass. (but I got 'em both.)

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    What do you think of these clearance rods a BPS?.....BPS Sale items Have never bought a surf rod and don't really follow them,so I am not sure who makes a decent brand and what is a good deal. I want something cheap for the surf fishing,but wouldn't mind spenind a 100 bucks if I got a real good deal on a nice rod. And for a rod for the 52 hour trip I will need something that will be able to handle pop/jiggin and chunking as well,so I would need at least 65lb braid if not more right?And the rod should be something that will handle 50-80? Just going by what I have read,not sure what best matches are/
  4. Bill Fisher

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    those rods at bass pro are cheap, pricewise...........

    look at the daiwa beef stick,

    those are surf rods, not boat rods like advertised (and only $13.88 and $16.88)........ you can check the model#s agaignst Daiwa's web-site to see

    i couldn't resist and ordered 2 of the smallest/lightest for some reels i have, and am now considering ordering Fin-Nor OFSs to go with'em since they seem so 'beefy'

    it's 'internet sales only' and BPS has gotta be the world's worst shipper of rods.......... they put'em in cardboard tubes with no packing and plastic caps stuck in the ends.......... the plastic caps aren't secured, so they pop off in shipment

    you're lucky if the carrier finds all the pieces of two-piece rods and puts'em back in and tapes up the hole in the end

    i've rec'd several empty tubes in-the-past, and have had ta call back and have'em ship more

    all that aside,........ i too would like to know what a good combo would be for the OFS-95 cuz i wanna start hauling one with me on my boat............ sumpin that ain't gonna send me 'spinning' into to the poorhouse

    i haven't even seen one o'those reels yet and wouldn't begin to know what rod would be a good match
  5. jig

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    I think I paid $29 for my 10' American Rodsmith surf rods at Academy rod riot. Regularly $39. Over on 2cool shark fishing board you can read some reviews. They compare to the BPS with the cork/synthetic handles. I don't know about the ones posted. Never fished with the new reel clamp seats.

    Agree with Bill on BPS. I have gotten rods that were mislabled (listed as a spinner when it was actually a casting), and sometimes the tube ends were open. They suck on shipping rods.

    You are right on the big E. I want a 7'spinner at 50-80#. I fish 65# spectra, so want a 60# rod minimum. A 30-50# class rod is really 40# class IMO, and thats just too light for YFT in the > 75# class. Apparently, Roddy Gator Tail made one, but I can't find them anywhere, and I have been looking for about a year. No one that I can see makes this rod. So I am afraid I am going to have to spend some bucks and have one made.
  6. Chasin' Tales

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    Have a Calstar GF700H wrapped. I've got a spheros 12000 w/ 65# spectra on this blank and absolutely love it! I think it would be a good match for the finnor.
  7. Texas Tuna 16

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    im either getting a hopper or a chaos custom rod
  8. SkeeterRonnie

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    check out the BarBar rods on ebay. cheap alternatives to the chaos. I have the chaos 15-50 spinner, and wish I had bought the BarBar 20-60 spinner.....
  9. tngbmt

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    bought a 6'6 spinning rod 25-60# at FTU for my fin-nor, about $100
    is this the hopper ya talking about?

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