Rod for saragosa 18k

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Tystorm, May 14, 2020.

  1. Tystorm

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    Just got a good deal on an 18k and have been wanting to set up a jigging rod so I picked it up. I fish in the mid Atlantic so it will likely be used on the inshore lumps mostly for 30-60lb yellowfin/bluefin. Larger blue fins are not uncommon though.

    I have read through a lot of this site and while there is a ton of good info I’m still struggling a bit.
    I’d like to match up a rod for the above purposes that isn’t one of the high dollar setups. Reality is it won’t get a ton of use but I plan to keep it on the boat in case we spot fish deep. I was going to buy a Cedros but I saw someone complain about having a small reel seat and I don’t know if the 18k would fit. Anyone have a suggestion on a rod?
  2. Kenzta

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    Hi I'm also looking for a set up for the BFT in the cape. I went with a couple of charter captain and they used the ghost hunter rod with Stella 18k but that set up is expensive.

  3. Lorenz89

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    Maybe that's only a problem for reels with a thick reelfoot (e.g. (some?) Penn)...