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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by jerrybarnes13, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. jerrybarnes13

    jerrybarnes13 Member

    What Jigging rod do you suggest for my Acc. 665N Coventional. I will be fishing mostly on boats like the Big E. ? ? ?
  2. johndtuttle

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    EdiT: my bad thought you wrote "popping" not "jigging" as your title is misleading. not awake sorry.

    below post is on the right track. again, length is a little more important on party boats as the rail is higher and maneuvering around obstacles is a real necessity. At least 6'6" for that style boat.

  3. Capt Richie

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    Party / Head Boat a 7' jigging rod..I like the United Composite Wahoo jr ..I have yet to fish anything as nice..
    But a Calstar or seeker will also work...

    Calstar GF 700H or XH are beasts..
    Seeker Hercules 70H also nice for tuna jigging...I have a SS brown blank I'll give you a good price on it built..
    St Criox 2M79XXXHF Musky salt unlimited super light & very strong..This would be my second choice..... Toss up between the Calstar & seeker..
  4. paul708

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    OTI make a 7'6" factory rod perfect for the accurate.
    good for jigging and poppin.
    great for headboats. for tuna/ cod ect

    here is a custom acid OTI 7'6" i did.
    first pic is the acid rod.

    there are a few good blank choices.
    plus they are on sale:D
  5. Stryper

    Stryper Senior Member

    I have both of those OTI's and really like e'm. You can also see them @ Melton's if you want to pull on it 1st. And they are a 2 piece,great if you fly back to go longrange.
  6. BretABaker

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    i use the oti 7'6" 80lb rod as my go to rod. tuna, grouper, amberjack, snapper...all have been slain with this rod. rods other guys mentioned are great as well. no complaints. one nice thing abt the OTI is that its 2 piece. very convenient to travel or just put in the car. dont worry abt action or strength....the ferrule joint compromises neither IMO.
  7. jerrybarnes13

    jerrybarnes13 Member

    Can't seem to find the 7'6" rod in OTI does it have a number 200-300-400-600???? I already have a Calstar 700H
  8. paul708

    paul708 Site Sponsor

    They are 3101-765 for the 40-60#
    3101-768 for the 60-80#

    i have both in stock.