Rod building stuff in Cabelas Online Bargain Cave

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Jason4606, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Jason4606

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    Guys - FYI... Cabela's has some nice rod building stuff in the online Bargain Cave right now. There's more, but this is what I picked up:

    Fuji SVSG double-foot SiC from 12-30mm ~50% off.

    ATC A-Frame single foot titanium from 6-30mm more than 50% off.

    Fuji 7mm and 8mm titanium SiC tips ~50% off. (This was a win-win-win for me... Since ATC doesn't have Ti tips to match their guides, these should be a close match, are SiC, and are on sale too!)

    And they're basically giving away ATC Titanium Nanolite casting guides. 10-20mm are only $0.88-$2.88/ea!:eek:

    Fuji soft touch reel seats are on sale too, but not much. ~12-14% off of list depending on model. (not in Bargain Cave)

    There are some metallic thread deals too but not all colors are available. I managed to find a couple that I thought I could use fairly often... Red and Royal Blue size A.

  2. Muddskipper

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    They also have free shipping on orders over $150....just ask for the code

  3. Jason4606

    Jason4606 Tuna Club member

    They also have free shipping on orders over $150....just ask for the code

    True, true... I forgot that part!

    Many are already gone. After I posted this earlier, I got an email that they couldn't fill 25mm SVSG and 12mm ATC Titan.

    I called and added some 10mm so I should be OK on ATC for OH jigging rod build. Now I just need to find a deal on 40mm and 25mm SVSG for spinner, and all of the tops! ;)

  4. Bellyups

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    Thanks for posting. They seem to have sold some of these items quick. I would of liked to try the ATC titan guides.

    For bay fishing, I really like the Quantum Catalyst reels. That is a great price they have on the 2 quantum spinners.