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At this moment I am still try to keep my option open.
I like the GUSA blank, but i think it's a little to fast for Rue to handle.
Something slower action like KENCOR, SEEKER new blanks OR other slow rated blanks.

What reel you have on the GUSA?
Anyway, Bret and I will be at BPS this afternoon, care to joint us?

The spinners I've made Rick have been on the United version of the MonMag 70. They have a fast action but are aren't as fast as my 700H. They also have a GUSA SW70XH / United URS70XH with a mod-fast action that's rated 30-60# like the MonMag.

BTW, I'm suppose to get the a Predator blank next week for Rick's next spinner.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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