Ripple Fisher Final Spirit GT 79 Nano & GT 80 Nano

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by kahawaty, Aug 26, 2017.

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    Hi Guys,

    Anyone tried any of these two rods Ripple Fisher Final Spirit GT 79 Nano & GT 80 Nano , Are they considered as all rounder or specialized GT popping rods. what is the minimum popper in terms of weight can be used.

    Ripple fisher claim both can be used on the below hummer head poppers, is this the case ?
    - Large Cup Face like G & I Cup
    - Medium Cup Face like D & E Cup
    - Small Cup Face like C Cup

    Since they are built using nano technology, how they will act with chuggers ?

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  2. notlim

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    They are definitely both considered poppers not all rounders. Unless you are talking gamma 250's and 350's for your stickbaits? In which case you don,t need advice from anyone!
    Minimum poppers size is whatever you want really? They won't throw under 90gm very well- but mediate your pull and pretty well any popping rod can pull little poppers.

    They are magnum duty popping rods meant for 200 gm big cup poppers- pe12 monster rods. Very specialized in application. Do you have any other popping rods? Most humans don't need anything stronger than the powerfight711. I'm 6'3" 240lbs and I don't want any more rod than the power fight 711.

    For a more general purpose allrounder most reckon the very best rod in the ripplefisher lineup is the long cast 82.

    My personal favorite is probably the big tuna 710 Japan's a monster of a rod and if you stick with poppers like the amegari dzanga and smaller it's an awesome allrounder. If you have the current ripple catalogue you might notice that they put the big tuna 710 in just about every bendo chart- that's not an accident and it's the only rod they did that with. Light tip, huge backbone, casts 50- 200gm pretty decent...

  3. Maurice

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    I have a FS GT 79h nano, like said above it is designed for chuggers. (compared to i.e. a Temple Reef GT stick, it has just a slightly less crispy tip) I have used it with both JB hollow 100 en 130 and have casted big cup poppers in the 150-180 gr range. Like Feed Pin 180, Full scale 200, Blaze garage Kimitsu, Temple Reef Ballista Bull 160, etc... Also diving poppers I prefer to fish on a popping rod and not on a stick bait rod. I love how this rod works a Napalm 250, but also a lighter lure like Reefs edge Atoll 130 is worked perfect. (This is the lightest lure I've casted on this rod)
    And for sinking sticks obviously it's also fine. Just stay away of the floating nose dip type lures.

    I assume you know, but this rod is meant for short dirty fights on the reef and the backbone is designed for that. The big tuna 710 is designed for longer (vertical) fights with Tuna and has a different type of backbone although plenty of power, not the type you want when pulling a fish of the reef. (I've only felt the power by loading it at home, not yet on the water unfortunately :) )

    I can't speak of my own experience, but like said above, as an all rounder many people have had good experience with the LC82 nano. Even though it's a PE8 rod, on last trip other guys fished JB130 hollow on it, just because of impact.
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    One of the best advice I've ever read here. Although I've never seen it, it's probably a rod only suited to 0.5% of us. Namely Mr. Universe and Fumio Suzuki...